HiCAP to NAP 300 Connections

Hopefully a very simple question here, not covered in the amps connection guide manual…

HiCap Socket 3 -> 300 (the main output as to the 200 / 250 etc)
HiCap Socket 2 -> 300 (the second power amp output needed for the 300)


Thus giving the 300 a dedicated L/R channel signal to play with.

See under 11.4 in the Manual - which highlights the arrangements for Hi-Cap to 282. This also identifies the outputs on the Hi-Cap to power amps. I think your words are correct - but please do check. It’s strange the detailing isn’t in the Hi-Cap manual AFAICS.

Thanks, I see you’re correct. Thought so but good to confirm.

All bar the earliest Hicaps give you three stereo pre-outs, all on DIN4s. For connecting to a NAP300 you can use any in any order as they all output the same.

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