Hicap v Snaps

Imagine you have a Naim 32.5 and a Stageline N…and you have two PSUs…a Hicap and a SNAPS (this Snaps at some point in its life has been modified to use a SNAIC 5 and has dual 24v rails…this was not commissioned by me).

So who should get the Hicap/SNAPS…the 32.5 or the Stageline?

There’s an easy way to find out…

Flip a coin!

But on a more serious note, if you are a vinyl man, hicap on the stageline, if you have multiple sources, it makes more sense to improve the 32.5 since the benefits would be shared by the sources.

In fairness…it is a hypothetical question as I don’t have a Stageline (I have NA322/3 boards)…but thinking a Stageline must be better than very old internal phono boards.

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A very reasonable and logical argument…I am probably in the latter grouping…a good TT but also a Naim CDi and NAT02.

Thats where I pray for every night / send letters to Santa for :slight_smile:

On the matter of internal boards, sometimes the simplicity of a configuration (integrated amp / internal boards) wins over various boxes especially when the circumstances are not ideal (no good rack / rf interference / bad mains).

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A further reasonable viewpoint.

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