Hi all and good morning.
I’m buying a second hand HicapDR to add to my Supernait 2 and wondered if (as I believe a Hicap has two outputs) I can use it with my streamer which is a ND5X (circa 2013)? What would the cabling configuration be? I also run my TT through a Stageline N so could that be another option instead of the streamer? Again cables? Thanks guys. Gaz

My understanding is a Hicap cannot power a streamer. It could power your Stageline though I think. Someone will be along soon to confirm or otherwise.

To quote the naim website “The design can be used to power all of the Naim Audio phono stage preamplifier, active crossovers and preamplifiers except the NAC 552 and NAC 252.” For the streamer you would need something like the xps dr. Hope this helps.

Only the FlatCap is stable into two loads.

The HiCap and SuperCap of any generation can only power a single product regardless of unused outputs.


Yup, thats it - correct.

Terse and specific.

Okay thanks guys, as I said I really want it for the Supernait. Anything else was a bonus :+1:

Found this…

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