Hiding Public Profile

Just wondering. Why would any member bother joining this forum and then tick the ‘Hide Public Profile’ option? I’m sure most of us enjoy reading about contributors’ set ups, and it can often save having to ask when attempting to answer a query or offer advice. There certainly doesnt appear much more to hide when I look in my own profile!

Is it just paranoia, or am I missing something obvious?

I suspect that they don’t know they have done that, rather than that they decided to make it private.

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Indeed: surely easier than hiding your profile is not writing one in the first place! However Ihaven’t seen an option to hide my profile, and the one person I have noted with profile hidden might no longer be a member, so maybe that would be a special case, with info removed but not posts and user name?

IB, Go to Account/Interface/Others, there you will find the option to hide profile.

My heart symbol seems to have disappeared. Anyone know why?

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Best dial 999


I’ve given you a “Like” to see if your lost heart turns up :sunglasses:

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Wow. Thank you Don. I feel much better now. :slightly_smiling_face: Doh, I thought I had hit a setting by mistake or something and turned it off.

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