HiFi and TV system

I wasn’t really sure where to post this as it covers hifi, AV and streaming so I hope this is the right place. I am moving in with my girlfriend in a couple of months and will be taking over the basement room as a movie/hifi room and I want to upgrade my current system to something more suitable. Currently i have a Thorens TD160, Rega Brio R , Audiolab QDAC and Rega RS1 speakers. I want to get something that will allow me to play music and run a tv through it for sound. I have always liked the Naim sound and love the looks and functionality of the Uniti Atom which i think would fit the bill. However i need some advice on what speakers to pair with it that will be musical but have enough low end to work for movies too. The room they ate going in is approx 12ft x 16ft with 8 foot ceilings. The speakers would be firing down the length of the room> i will have about £1500ish to spend so would appreciate some advice from those with experience of the atom and from those who run hifi and TV through the same system.


I have Totem Hawks in a similar sized media room, running off a Uniti2, previously off a Cute2 (the Atom predecessor). They they been wonderful and have a lovely soundstage, so work really real for movies and music. Probally a bit over your budget, and they will take more than an Atom, but would be a really nice match.

Neat iota Alphas or Kudos X2?



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