HiFi components bought as ‘bargain’

Bought my Naim Aro (still boxed unmounted and never used for £150… had the antiskate weight with the fishing line on it missing … ordered one from Naim …
The only proviso was that the guy I bought it from said that I could have it at that price but only if I will never sell it, which I never will


I think you move your seat nearer or further away from the speakers, crude but effective.


On the front panel, the volume control pushes in/out, then turns as normal - it is the small circle next to the power LED on the left. No remote control. The unit itself is a mix of paired back (limited controls etc.) and quite high tech (digital only/no DAC as such). I did consider one for the office system about 4 years ago. I wanted a British made amp: this and the Temple Audio Bantam Gold were the new options, but the lack of analogue inputs on the Maestro 50 put me off - that was at the £230 RRP. I just happened to see this one at the price I paid and thought that I couldn’t pass it up - pleased I got it!


Ah yes, I see it. I though it might be a power switch or maybe an IR eye. Pretty amazing it even works for £23!

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I think you win.

Serviced Naim 72/140 olive combo bought a couple of years ago at £750

For the sound quality this is a great deal…I’m more than happy


If you’re looking for a really cheap / extreme bargain amp, apparently you should look at the one on the well known chinese cheap stuff site with item#: 32670516953

Only about 1.50.

An (audiophile) friend of mine bought a whole bunch (10 or so) of the myriad of such cheap amps on there, just for fun.

He says they’re all utter crap, except, randomly this one. Zero noise, slightly warm, well defined bass. He couldn’t believe it. His words, as I haven’t been over to hear it myself yet, but I do trust his judgement in these matters.

Naim NAP 160 Bolt Down bought off eBay from my local Naim dealer so was able to just swing by and pick it up. $460 (minus tax). Sounds amazing. The eventual recap some day will cost a lot more!

hello, we all like a bargain. I just picked up a new pair of focal kanta no. 2’s, in taupe, which retail for $10k, from the music room, in longmont colorado, for $5600. apparently this was not a popular color. they accepted trade towards this purchase enabling me to get them for a final price of $2900. I’ve wanted these speakers for some time, they look and sound terrific, and I couldn’t be happier. allow me to add that tmr is a very easy company to work with.


Just picked up a near mint Rega Aria mk2 from the auction site for a measly £450. Well chuffed with that. Last year my favourite dealer let me have a mint, less than year old SN2 for £1.7k - now that was a bargain!

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I copied the item code into my search engine. Is it an amplifier board for about £1.50? I think I would need more electronics knowledge than I possess to get it up and running!

Where was that from?

Fat bloke down the pub …I’m guessing

They were 360 euros new


A seller on the well known auction site but based in Belgium - he had 3 originally. I ordered No 2 - the next morning number 3 had gone unfortunately - not surprising really. I have no idea how many AVA Media made (the audio side of Tranquil PC, Manchester) but mine is SN 807.

Unfortunately I can’t go to a pub yet as I am to shield until 1st August.

TBH, I did wonder at the price but he is registered as a business, has been a member for 4 years, has 97% +ve feedback and has almost 700 items listed, mainly electrical or collectibles and returned all my messages promptly so I thought it OK😊. Perhaps he deals in shop liquidations and didn’t really know the original price of the units (not an unknown occurrence) - there is not much info out there on them.

It’s not that difficult really, you certainly don’t need any electronics knowledge. You might need to source/manufacture a cable though.

The green terminals are for the speakers.
The plugsocket is for a power adapater. At the price I’m guessing it doesn’t come with one, but you can probably find one on the same site for about the same price.
The pins are, as labeled, the input. You’d need a cable from your source (mini jack or RCA?) to here, not sure if those can be bought of the shelf so that could be the only difficulty.

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I was also thinking of my Naim Aro. I paid full price for it in 1991. I believe, in real term, it is still worth a similar amount.
Therefore, nearly 30 years of use, for free.

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I got a good deal with my dark ash LP12 back in the late 90s. Came with an Aro and had already been upgraded with the Cirkus bearing. Cost about £1500. Since then I have added Radikal and Aro Keel to it.

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