HiFi dedicated radial question?

Not many people have surge protection. At least everything except the HiFi is protected better than the protection of cheap power bars, which is more than most people can say.

I’d hope the Naim power supplies can absorb most of a spike (in those big capacitors?). Lightening is different. Our local grid is fairly reliable :crossed_fingers:.


I’m rewiring my flat and followed the above diagram. Have put SPDs for the HiFi consumer unit too. Probably be able to get everything up and running I’m two weeks after redecorating.

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Nice :+1:
Cable dressing is a bit of an art.
Sometimes requires a little OCD too. Particularly with larger dia cables, like 10mm2 and 25mm2. That looks great. Hope you said positive things to your electrician.

This is ours, just for interest…
As, this might be helpful to others too, in the future.

Apologies for mess, image is prior to finishing and decorating.

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I clicked on this thread hoping to see pictures of radial horns used in hifi systems. Boy am I disappointed :rofl:

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Yes, it’s a bit gritty, isn’t it ?
Mains wiring : Business end of a good hifi :wink:

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Thanks for sharing. Looks very neat. I did send compliments across to the electrician but a little guarded as he was trying to see if he could get away by asking more than the agreed price.

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