HiFi Dilemma

Good afternoon all,

As the topic title explains I have a HiFi dilemma, advice from the more informed would help.

I have recently downsized property, all part of the ease down before retirement. Before we moved I had two systems,
1 - Rega 3 turntable and a Cambridge Audio CD powered by a Rega Elicit amplifier. This was in a dedicated listening space on the top floor of a 3 storey townhouse.
2 - Naim Unitilite all in 1 system on the ground floor living room linked to a NAS drive with ripped CD collection and internet radio.

I no longer have the room for two separate systems, I have a large vinyl and CD collection and something needs to give. My wonderfully accommodating wife is being tested and as they say marriage is about compromise!

Is there any way that these two systems, the Naim unit and the Rega Amp/turnatable work together through one set of speakers?

Or do I need to trade in and find an alternative solution?


Hi Paul - if you want to combine your kit into one system, then perhaps keeping the Rega TT and Elicit amp and replacing the Unitilite with a ND5XS2 would be a way forward. The ND5XS2 would work with your ripped CD collection on the NAS, give you internet radio and also access to streaming services (such as Tidal and Qobuz) too.


James’s reply above will be a very tough one to beat, so I’d go with what he recommends.

Best regards, BF

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A good shout from James. I would add that you can save quite a bit of dosh by buying 2nd hand or ex demo from a dealer. The majority of my system was bought that way. Best of luck!

In the immediate term you can almost certainly use the Unitilite as a source into the Rega amp, or you could use your turntable into the Unitilite (depending on what you’re doing for a phono stage).

Definitely keep the Rega TT and amp and replace the Uniti and Cambridge with a ND5 as @james_n suggests. Nicely balanced system.

I’ll come from a different angle and say I’d keep the UnitiLite as it will play CD’s and music from the NAS Drive. Moving on the Elicit, Cambridge CDP and a pair of speakers would give you a chunk for a future upgrade.

There are many options here. I’d suggest the first is to decide whether you prefer the Naim or Rega presentation. If it’s Rega, swapping the Unitilite for a dedicated streamer is probably all you need to do. As the CDs are ripped, the CD player can go. Just put the CDs in the loft or give them away.

If on the other hand you prefer the Naim sound, you could either keep the Lite or if you want something better get either a Nova or an ND5XS2 and Nait XS3. The latter has a phono stage, whereas the Nova doesn’t. If you want more welly, a Supernait 3 would fit the bill. I wonder in all this whether a better turntable would be a good idea, as you have lots of vinyl. With some speakers, a CD player and at least one amp, plus various wires to sell, you have lots of options to assemble a nice simple system that is small and yet sounds great.


I would look at trading in and having one integrated amp with phono stage with your RP3. A Nait XS3 or Supernait 3 will fit the bill nicely. Then get an ND5XS2 for streaming. Keep the CD player as back up. Then you just have the integrated amp, streamer, cd player and turntable and speakers. Pretty simple set up.

I’m listening to Rega amps fed from a Naim source and feeding Naim allae speakers and it just swings. A lot of that is down to the speakers and getting them positioned properly to drive the room but I also enjoyed a pair of Thiels with these amps (cursa/maia) in the past in the same room with a different Naim source.
The unitilite has a preamp output but I can’t tell if there’s an av bypass that will set it to line level, does the ellicit have a pre in socket?
What is the choice of speaker?

Unfortunately you can’t fix the output of the Lite. Any analogue output is therefore post volume control.

ND5xs2 would probably be the best match anyway but it will cost even with tradeins.

I don’t understand wanting to run two systems through one set of speakers - the only question that makes sense to me given the move/downsizing is which of the components assembled together would make tge best system. (Or what can you exchange your existing components for to make up one singke good system.)

To me the only sense of two systems is for two rooms. (Something I’ve never done, preferring to have one best affordable system instead of two inevitably lesser.)

^^^ This, (and keep the Rega 3) and get a small but decent phono preamp.

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It was in my head to write “buy a decent phono stage for the Rega”. Must have had a brain fart …

Thank you all, lots of great advice.

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