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You can only change phase by digging a large hole in the road and changing the connection from your house to a different cable. I’d suggest that this is impractical.

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:small_blue_diamond:@Mike-B,…I say the same thing to you as you said to me…“can you please find something else to do?”.

As I said…

…and you where one of them :grin::joy::grin:.

:small_blue_diamond:Mike-B,…Just like in Sweden,.or do you have the “bad taste” to claim that our electricians in Sweden are not professional…???

You appear to be very unidirectional and very conservative,.the word “openminded” feels very distant.
I have in the morning today,.had a meeting with the head of Boden’s largest electric firm,his employees install dedicated mains to the music-system according to my “list”.

He has done so for many years,.he says…“I can’t understand why it’s a difference to the better in soundquality,.but it is.”

• Mike-B,…I would prefer if you ended up with your rude posts against me,.that should be enough now…even you should realise that.

I have Never begun to be rude to you,.but you are it all the time against me.
And when I shall respond to your insults,.Yes,then Richard moderates my post but yours remain.
So I hope this answer to you will remain.

:small_orange_diamond: Mike-B,.you may simply have to accept,.that I have a different experience than you in some areas in this interest.
I am one of the more well-known and experienced people in this interest in Sweden.

Many people usually joke with me and say that I should change profession,.and instead start to travel around the world and install music-systems…And yes,.I’m so good.
With that said,.I know what I’m talking about.

But despite that,.I have learned a lot from many here,that is how it should be.
And when you give advice based on experience,.well then you shouldn’t have to be ridiculed by some on this forum.

:small_orange_diamond:It is no “coincidence” that the now well-known “LP12-Radikal Problem” was discovered by us in our group.
No other of the world’s LP12 owners discovered this…We did.!!

And,.if you have nothing positive to contribute with,.I would wish you avoided my threads.
You rarely start your own threads,.but you have always comments on how I write in my threads.
• How I write.
• If I enlarge the text.
• If I use emojis.
• If I put in pictures.
• If I post information from Sweden etc,etc…

Yes.the list can be made much longer.
Don’t you realize what you are doing,.it starts to be…to say the least,.pathetic.

As I said,.I have a lot of experience,I have received the nickname “Hifi-Professor” in Sweden :grin:.,and I try to share this with all on this forum.
Not so much because of language-problems.
If it does not fit you,.or if you are teasing on what I write.
Stop reading my threads…“As Simply As That”.

I do not understand why you’re trying to “put yourself” on others…Me.!

Finally,.my advice in the “list” above works,.and provides better soundquality,it’s just for you to accept.
Even if you lack the experience of having tested.

Now I hope this is the last time you are rude to me.
And if I’m going to be really honest,.I haven’t met on a more rude person on the Internet.
Every time I see a post from you in any of my threads,.I get a “lump in my belly”…And start thinking,what is it for impertinence against me this time.
So,.according to me,you are far from the best representative of the English people,.but everyone can improve themselves…I hope :wink:.

:small_blue_diamond:So Mike-B,.I hope you can draw some inferences of what I written…
Do you do that…I stretch out a hand.
If you do not…I hope that our paths distinguish here,.and that you avoid my threads.

Thanks for the word.

:black_small_square:Ps: Hope Richard.Dane now allows this to remain.
I think I have the right to comment on all attacks.


Most residential properties in the UK don’t have 3 phase supplies - just some of the larger ones.



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Peder, you seem to completely misunderstand.
I have not insulted you, I have just simply, & in a lot less words & emotion, suggested that your advice is misguided. And as per Richards post today, “would members only give detailed advice where you are fully conversant with the electrical code applicable to the region being discussed”.
That’s all my post is saying -

:small_blue_diamond:@hungryhalibut,…:grin::joy::grin: I can definitely agree with you.
In Sweden we have 3 phases into each house.

:small_blue_diamond:@davidhendon,…I did not know,.Interesting.

I understand now that Hungryhalibut talked about the same thing.
I just knew that our electrical-systems are different,.that’s why I referred to Mike-B and Hungryhalibut.
But when nobody wanted to give concrete advice,.so I thought I write a list…
This is based on how we have it in Sweden…so then the OP can pick what he can use from that list.


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:small_blue_diamond:@Mike-B,…And what do you think this below is,.just to take one example.
Do you mean that it is an adult behavior against another person.

• You started your last message to me by typing…
:small_orange_diamond:"can you please find something else to do?”.

This above,.you have later removed from your post.

But Mike-B,.I’m not going to discuss this any more.
The message to you is in my long post.
Now it is up to you,if you can draw conclusions from it,.if you do not have that ability,well then it will be as below…

:black_small_square:If you do not…I hope that our paths distinguish here,.and that you avoid my threads.


For the benefit of the OP:

Split the tails with a Henley block.
Install a separate consumer unit.
Fit with type C breaker. Mine is 50 amp but regs may have changed.
Run new earth back to meter. Do not piggy back from existing consumer unit.
Use 10mm2 cable in unbroken run from new consumer unit to unswitched MK socket.

That’s all there is to it!!


Nicely summarized :slight_smile:

or nicely defused (excuse the pun).

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Hi there ,

Saj at AudioVenue , a Naim dealer in Ealing is a very helpful chap who will be able to point you in the right direction I’m sure . I’ve had similar chats with him in the past .

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Thanks Pete, very convenient.

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