HiFi Housekeeping

So everything’s back from service…

I’ve made quite a few changes & hopefully improvements whilst the kit has been away.

Replaced the TP-Link router for a Draytek with iFi Power Supply
Replaced the Cat6e with a dedicated run for the NDX
Replaced the ethernet cable from wall socket to NDX with a Catsnake Cat6a
Replaced the switched 2 gang power sockets with unswitched MK sockets
Replaced 2 of the Powerline Lites with full fat Powerlines
Replaced the HDMI cables from the TV to the Sky Q box to allow it to be placed further from the hifi

Modified the Ikea unit to fit everything inside - otherwise known as keeping the boss happy.

So now all I need to do is get it all back in place & attempt to get the cables correctly “dressed”.


That sounds like a full on spring clean, not just housekeeping :slight_smile:

Hope it’s all together and playing music soon!

Damned expensive jigsaw puzzle!

Look forward to the ‘complete’ photo.

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Fun, fun, fun!


After quite a few hours & a number of position changes, here’s the result…

I know its not ideal - brawn & brains etc - but the cables work best like this at present.
God knows how I’ll get it to work if/when I go active!

Initial impressions are very good. Bass drums I’ve never noticed before - or rather double kicks on bass drums. Surprisingly, doesn’t seem to be as “bassy” as before but maybe there’s a running in similar to new?

I’ve got the house to myself over the next two days so will be annoying the neighbours instead of the boss :innocent:


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