Hifi Insurance

Most expensive quote I had was from Hiscox. LV might be worth a try, as others have posted, they now don’t have an individual item limit…

John Lewis is (from memory) with Aviva


We’ve been through this same question before.
My house contents has it all covered, I asked them specifically about the individual boxes, the replacement value & confirmed the new for old policy even though the actual model is no longer available & they didn’t require me to itemise the components It’s all fully covered & they replied to all the questions in writing & I have that on file.


I have an “add on” on our normal house insurance which cover all our electrical staff.

In the case that something happens I will be compensated by the insurance company with what it cost to buy it new regardless the age of the damaged item.

Live in France.

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John Lewis, paid up quickly and without quibble for an accidentally damaged cartridge with a supporting letter from the dealer


I use Aviva Premium which gives unlimited contents and buildings cover. I mentioned about the system equipment and replacement costs and they said no problem they are only interested in high risk items such as jewellery and works of art etc.


Also with them, but photos, boxes etc are really good in helping any adjustor. Also store receipts on line .
Don’t buy on price, buy on cover and reputation for claims payment. Cheap insurance is like cheap cables a false economy .


That risk really needs to be managed by off-site back-up, rather than by insurance.


I’ve an Excel workbook using VB. Copy in the cloud but once a year I do a reprint and store it in work.

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Quite, Cloud storage or simply keep a copy at your mate’s house.

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I have occasionally thought about keeping a removable hard drive in the glove compartment of my MINI.

Banker with them for years but they always seemed uncompetitive on mortgages and insurance. Any idea how they compare to LV?

We compared them with John Lewis, who were more expensive for less cover, but didn’t try Aviva - maybe next year. We pay £36 per month, which seems ok.

Wow. I’m fully covered and paying under £20 pcm.

And I thought £36 was good value… So much depends on where you live, size of house etc so it’s probably not a fair comparison.

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Indeed. 4 bed detached; double garage; biggest garden on the estate and about 9 miles from Manchester.

Is that LV? If so I must check them out at next renewal.

£20 a month, £36 a month, luxury! Mrs Willy runs a business (goldsmith) from a separate building on the property. Because of customers visiting off the shelf insurance companies aren’t interested. Have to go through a broker. Painful.


Yes, that’s LV. Lump sum rather than monthly payments but at that price who cares. I must say I was tipped off to them by a debt adviser colleague and when I got the quote I spent 30 minutes or more on the phone to them looking for the problem. Not found it yet.

I was gobsmacked when I got a quote of £95 a year for combined building and contents last year. I had to read the small print 3 times to make sure I hadn’t missed something, but it’s a reasonably comprehensive policy, with all my Naim gear itemised.

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HH - I would suggest Aviva too.

I was with DL and the cover level and having to attribute a value to stocks of vinyl & CDs was getting a bit silly.

Aviva’s offering was/is so much more straightforward and was far cheaper in my case.

And I didn’t come away with the impression that the Y2 premium would escalate out of all proportion i.e. it wasn’t a new customer play, where we know what often follows.