HiFi Insurance

I was looking over the T’s & C’s of my home contents insurance policy the other day because it has a clause in it that I have to declare any item over the value of £1k separately. I have several Naim and non-Naim separates over the £1k value and many just under. I wonder if a hifi system counts as a single item or not and it’s better to just declare the whole lot as one item or each individually. Got me thinking. Do Naim allow you to register your various boxes via serial number with them, which would help in any insurance claim (including your used equipment)? It would be a database and virtually cost free item for Naim to provide this service and would come under good customer support. Maybe they do this already. It would cut both ways. If they know where all their units reside they could recommend when your stuff needs servicing or what upgrades are available etc. Do they? What do you all do regards protecting your investments?

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