Hifi Position - Cable Dressing

Just wondering as I currently route all cables to the left (facing the front off the rack).

Occurred to me today should the power route to the right and everything else to the left, so as to not mix power with speaker/interconnects.

Nice to do if possible, but providing power does not run parallel for too far it won’t have much effect & if power & speaker cables cross there will be no effect.
The twists in a 3 core power cable reduce a lot of any radiation & screened cables practically eliminate it.

@obsydian I try and run power cables to the right and away from source cables and BUNDY which are on the left of the system - just find it easier to config the system that way

sometimes i use pipe cladding over cables to ensure decent separation. cheap and cheerful way of doing things but a bit ugly

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Makes sense, I recall.in my old setup alongtime time I had that routing, then when I went active with two racks it got easier as all the brawn was to one side and the burndies nicely hung across.

Doing some other testing, so will wait but as I have sockets to either side it’s not a problem, just leaves cables in view, I prefer it all out of sight.

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