Hifi shops closed?

Here in France all schools, universities are closed tomorrow.
Same for bars, restaurants and non essential shops.
So I wonder if Hifi / audio dealers will be closed.
Are they closed in some countries ? For now UK is apart in Europe, but in Germany, Spain, and other, I don’t know.
Perhaps not a good idea to buy something that comes from outside the country. I wonder…

I’ve seen some stores in Sweden selling out cheaper online to cover up for lost sales in stores. I’ve also seen second handed hifi with explanations such as they will lose their jobs and have to sell. The economic situation and aftermaths of what is happening now is gonna be dramatic.

Most HiFi stores stocking Naim are independents, certainly in Scotland, as such decisions to open/close will vary business to business. Unless of course the government give guidance for only essential shops, food/pharmacy, to remain open.
I would guess a lot more online/telephone activity.

Retail stores are only just now starting to close in the US – mostly those that are company-owned where the directive has come from the top. All Patagonia stores will be closed here. Also the Allbirds stores (they make and sell shoes from reclaimed materials). Walmart I just read is shortening some store hours.

I will know more for here in France on Tuesday. On Monday a lot of shops are generally closed. Apart Paris.

Will staff like teachers (yourself included) remain on full pay, regardless of how long the closure? Clearly very negative for all affected if not. Are there plans for online teaching, or will that wait to see if it continues after Easter? If no online teaching and full pay, you can at least make the best of the time personally!

I fear for survival of small businesses in particular, like restaurants, bars, shops without significant online presence, as well as collapse of the aviation industry.

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Surely a HiFi shop is essential?


I am this year on « formation « , not working in school. My job is to manage the school teenagers life, like a vice director for students area. But I am tired of that stressful job and got finally a full paid one year to prepare something else for my next carrier. A real chance. And now all is suspended and I am still full paid.
But all is closed so a bit sad…

No, but not a lot people are inside that shops in France, so I wonder.

I wish you well for the future - and indeed others also hit in a similar way.

Thanks, you too, and all here.

I am eating a bit late today, in Versailles parc. Shiny day. Take away food is not forbidden.


My university, here in the UK, will fully switch to online teaching from March 23, and we will transition this coming week. In my courses, for instance, I will allow students who don’t feel comfortable about coming to campus this week to join classes and lectures online. Not sure how this will work in practice…

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Of course they will, FR… and more places will be closed in days to come, obviously. It’s also quite clear that the second round of the municipal elections will be postponed.

FWIW - In Seattle, Tom Douglas closed 12 of his 13 restaurants with several hundred employees impacted, no severance but are eligible for unemployment. Many long term employees impacted. He hopes to be able to reassess in 8 to 12 weeks to reopen.

I believe there have been 40 + restaurant closings in Seattle in the past couple of weeks. Lots of small businesses will shutter with the number of employers having employees working from home for a number of weeks. The gig economy is falling through the floor.

Life moves on but there are going to be a large number of casualties from the financial fall out.

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Apple and REI have closed their US retail stores.

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It was reported in UK on Saturday that Apple was closing all its stores worldwide - except China where they had been closed but have now re-opened.

In malaysia, it is not closed yet. Hope they don’t close it now because my amp is still in their shop now, or not I will mentally die if they did. Currently, I have school holidays and I’m sulking from the fact that it is so boring without the system working.

I propose that all hifi shops offer online auditions …
Must be better than the lectures on offer from my local university.

Looks like there is another news, my country may be on lockdown. So that means no naim for few months… honestly what kind of timing is this. What a time to be alive

I see these YouTube videos of high end hi fi gear being ‘demoed’ online.

How am I supposed to tell how good it sounds through my Macbook speaker???