Hifi show at swiss castle

hi i just was these friday at a hifi show at a swiss catle near Zürich .i wanted to share some pics i made there is some naim with unity atom and other but other pics are other brands moderators fell free to post or not post my pics if they are to many other brands of course i woud be more happy if you post them.
electronics from cayin,audio research,dan d angostino,esoteric and other brands i never heard of
speakers wilson audio and some speaker i never seen or heard before


Nice Gerrard 401 and Naim Aro!


some more pics of the show here i am standing next to wilson sabrina x from looks my favorite.


I was also there on Friday afternoon. What I found most exciting was the headphone kitchen, where high-end models from different manufacturers could be compared in parallel with the same music. My favourites in an affordable price range were Stax L500 and Audeze LCD LCD XC Karbon. Numerous Swiss manufacturers were present for the systems. I found the presentation of Klipsch Jubilee Speakers with Dartzeel electronics very impressive. Powerful, big sound, but also with eyewatering price. Exciting was the presentation of the PMC twenty 5.22i from the Swiss importer MGM with affordable electronics from Lindemann and SPL. Really a dynamic, high-resolution and balanced sound. It paid off that they had brought acoustic elements and optimised the space. PMC has a lot of fans on the Naim Forum, and this was the first time I had seen them in a demonstration. The positive impression will stay with me. A specific feature of “Klangschloss” was that live sessions were held on site. The music (Jazz on Friday) was recorded live and streamed to all the equipment in the exhibition about 30 minutes later. This was to enable a comparison between live and high-end reproduction. My impression, however, was that the recordings were only moderately successful. They sounded diffuse, dull and cloudy on all systems - at least to my ears. Nevertheless, a successful exhibition overall. And it is impressive how many committed smaller high-end manufacturers there are in Switzerland. Unfortunately, there was no separate demonstration by Naim-Focal. Let’s see what will be presented at the High-End in Munich from 18 May.

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Nice pics. Last one with SPL gear. Interesting German brand, highly regarded for professional studio devices. Their audio line for home has an impressive price-quality level.

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The third picture shows Dartzeel electronics with horns ( JBL?). How was the sound?

As mentioned above it were Klipsch jubilee horn speakers. They had a fast sound with a very big soundstage. Very amazing, but much too expensive for me.

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Thanks :+1:

hi nice maybe whe crossed i was from 15,30 till 18,00 yes headphone kitchen was special i tested these audeze with carbon,the focal clear ,focal celestee and a hifi man,
the room with Dartzeel with klipch jubilee i did not find also the one with naim new 200 series.

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