Hifiman Headphones

Does anyone here use any of the editions of the Hifiman HE-1000 headphones? Have a pair of Hifiman Ananda today, which I am very happy with, but a little curious about what this previous top model can add further?

I have listened to the HE1000v2’s. They are a bit bright for me, but I have heard that the SE has improved on this. I myself jumped to the Susvara, and it is all around smoother. You can find some really good pricing in the US, if you look around (Headfi is a good start for inquiries).

But if you are happy with the Ananda stick with them. The Arya’s are also very good and a noticable step up for a nominal price increase.

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Thanks for your reply. Interesting that you perceived them as bright. According to the reviews I read in European hifi magazines, brightness is not a distinguishing feature. What do you use as a headphone amplifier?

I find there are so many opinions on each TOTL headphone, that, until you try it yourself, you won’t truly know. This whole hobby is so subjective.

I have found the most successful and greatest results using speaker amps to power most of my headphones. I use a chord etude and Benchmark AHB2. Again your choice will depend on your musical preference. I am a bit more on the detailed side of things - less colouration.

I also have a Chord TT2 and Weiss DAC501 that will power most high-efficiency headphones - but I still prefer the speaker amps, and I just adjust the output levels depending on the headphone to reduce any underlying hiss.

Nice set-up. Then you have many choices to choose from. For my own part I use the built-in headphone amplifier, which is in class A, in my Nac- 272.

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