High and handsome

In a few hours we hope for a soft landing near the south pole of the moon…

Fingers crossed… a bit tensed…



Communications lost…

But the dream remains…

The Dark side of the moon

Will one day

Agree to be landed upon and explored

By the earnest desire of a billion dreams…


Judging by the socio-economic contex of the country, the earnest desire of a billion dreams seems, more likely, the hope for a more humane and better future.

The words you mention is true for many countries .

Some countries are wealthy rich by historic plundering of other countries in the past.

Even more have poverty of thought.

IMO… Development index can’t only be socio economic… It can be scientific as well.

Both can go hand in hand.

To have a one dimensional view of development is myopic.


Indeed, according to everything you point out; although the time must come when every people breaks with their historical inertia and takes the reins of their destiny in the first person, if it should be said, and in India, precisely, there is no shortage of good brains.


It will take a lot of time to be at standards where we want to be.

In the meantime we enjoy our successes along the way…

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