High End Differences - DAC vs Turntable

The difference between my P8/Ania compared with my P10/Apheta 3 is less pronounced than that between a Qutest and DAVE. I accept there are a whole host of variables, but I was wondering if others have similar experiences.

I feel that the difference between high end DACs and/or streamers is more immediately apparent than high end turntables. If you can call a P8/P10/Qutest/DAVE high end, of course.

Just wondering if others have found the same.

I might be mistaken but isn’t Rega p10 less than twice the price of a p8 while the Dave is 7,5 times the price of a qutest? Would explain your experience one should think.


Yes, quite fair enough, but aside from the monetary specifics I was wondering more broadly if the experience of others, with regards to the differences between DACs and TTs, aligns at all with my own. I should’ve written that this experiences goes beyond just the products mentioned; apologies

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Hi Barry,
I seem to find that both formats just keep getting better.

On digital, take your Mac mini/DAVE, then insert an M Scaler followed by a dedicated, low noise server such as an Innuos Zenith 3 and the level of improvement comes as quite a surprise.

On vinyl, the P10 is tremendous but if you try a highish spec Linn LP12 or our preference, a Vertere MG-1 with good cartridge and phono stage, the extra music that flows forth is eye opening.

Best regards, BF

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With my limited experience I’d say the differences between turntables are at least as big as the differences between streamers.

My Gold Note Mediterraneo replaced a Rega P2. It’s more than 10 times the price of the Rega and sound more than 10 times better (subjectively😊)

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