High End Munich 2020 Cancelled

High End Society has confirmed rumours that this event has been cancelled due to the continuing threat of the coronavirus.

Disappointing but understandable …

so the launch of the 372 is postponed to 2021 then :crazy_face:


I wonder if Bristol will be a one-off opportunity this year?

Wonder how Naim will announce their new products that were supposed to be announced at show ?

This Virus will be a mess for many companies.
World wide sales for many will be effected so it might not be a good time to launch any new products right now since the pay back will be delayed and supply issues of raw parts will be delayed.

It`s better to stay alive…high end can be ended some other time

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I guess they figured they could cancel now and lose a little rather than continue and potentially they have to cancel at last minute or nobody bought tickets…and it would cost a fortune.

Stock market (ftse100) down from 7500+ a few weeks ago to 6600 this morning

Not a rumor anymore. Sad…

What new products that were due to be announced at which show?

The 372 which was going to trounce your nd555/552 combo…remember.


Ah yes, the mythical 372.


UnitiCore 500

You didn’t know Nigel?

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You forgot the SuperNova

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And the new Super DBL :rofl::rofl:

Some really think that the new 272 will be launched in Summer. Have you heard it from Naim?

I though Naim were going to announce the all new NACAS1 cassette deck!


I suggested to Charlie that Naim might wish to launch the new streaming preamp at my house. With Munich cancelled that could be a viable option!!


I also believe that Dynaudio would introduce some sort of successor for the Special Forty which seems sold-out now …

Depends what he launches it from I suppose, but won’t it damage your brickwork?