High mass racks?

Moving from Quadrispire SVT to a high mass HRS rack. Over the years I’ve read posts about my high mass racks aren’t the best for Naim boxes but I can’t remember the reason. Anybody using a high mass rack or know why Naim is better on racks like Fraim?

I don’t know but I would take a guess at energy storage? A high mass rack might do that and would influence the sonics, just a cautionary thought.

Seems like American hifi is generally used with these high mass racks. Hifi from UK generally uses designs similar to Quadrispire.

High mass support would just let the device sit there as much as is possible unperturbed by ground or floor based vibrations.
Free flowing aether vibrations could well ring the heavy sat boxes like a bell.

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Generally very heavy components like high mass racks. Swiss Soulution, CH precision, German Audionet or MBL, ……so not only US.

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It’s then a trade of between ground and air based vibration?

Yeah it seems most American brands are physically massive. I’ve read that putting Naim on these racks kills the sound.

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