High Volume on Muso QB2

Hi all,

I accidentally pressed play on Airplay with the music volume being well about 80% volume on my muso QB2 I have never played the speaker that loud before but I stopped playing it as soon as I saw how loud it was. It played at that volume for about 1 second and I wasn’t sure if heard distortion or anything but I’m worried that I potentially have damaged it. I played it again at my usual volume which is 30-50% and it seemed fine. should I be worried or am I just being paranoid? It took me forever to save up for this speaker so I just want to be extra sure.

I have played my QB1 numerous times at 75-80% volume during certain party songs. Haven’t noticed any problems after such incidents besides a headache. That wasn’t the QB’s fault though.

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I’m sure it will be fine. The QB has a fairly hefty amp and you are much more likely to damage speakers by going loud with an under-powered amp that clips and damages the speakers.

Small fingers seem to always fiddle with the dial on my QB, so I have set the volume limiter in my app which stops it going beyond 65% which is more than loud enough! It’s a great feature that has been there since the very early days of the app. Protects your ears and your speakers, I would recommend setting up a limit just in case!


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