HighLine repairs

I know Naim have been repairing HighLines for free in the past, they have repaired mine too. Has that stopped now?

I asked for a repair (same one, broken again) at the same time as my 552 head unit and power supply goes for service and DR upgrade and assumed it would just be done. However, I was quoted €176.45 which given the value of it as a used item, it sounds like a lot. I’m not sure its worth spending that on it, unless there is now a modification to make it more robust.

I was charged for a repair on mine about three months ago. The price was similar. I paid it.

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Thanks Christopher, thats the first I have heard of anyone paying. All things considered, I’m not surprised at the change in strategy though.

I think if it was newer or it hadn’t already been repaired I wouldn’t think twice. Knowing how fragile it is, I’m not so sure…

I understand.

It was important to me to know that it was now working as Naim had intended. Thus it was a service worth paying for.


Is that repair cost for broken airplug rings or something else?

Naim (Focal-NAim NA) repaired my NDX2 HiLine free when one of the rings broke. While I waited for them to give me an RA to send it in, I wrapped the broken ring with black electrical tape to hold it in place, and TBH I didn’t notice any obvious difference in sound quality. If it had an effect vs repaired, it was inconsequential (to me anyway). I certainly wouldn’t pay that kind of money to get it fixed.

Its a fixed cost for repair, it doesn’t mater what’s wrong with it apparently.

Naim repaired this same Highline for free in the past but given its broken again (and I am not at all ham fisted with this thing), I’m reticent to pay that amount for a repair unless it comes back with some sort of modification/update to make it more robust. I’m back on the lavender at the moment and not missing the Highline at all, which has been broken for a while so I have got used to it not performing at its best. When I have compared Lavender with a fully functional Highline in the past, I much preferred the Highline.

Mine broke about this time last year and it was repaired for free. I assume then that I will have to pay next time.

Unfortunately, it seems that might now be the case…

I mentioned this before on my thread on the HiLine.

I think it’s important that companies of such products like Naim, embrace a ‘post user’ quality control system where known faults in products are ‘pro-actively’ improved upon. It happens with fiery gusto for the Naim app, for example.

If we take the HiLine, the plastic rings are a very well known weak point in the cable, this is the area that is under most environmental stress. And in my view would be the obvious place to look at for material/design improvements because of its known failure rate.

The plastic feels very cheap and could possibly be more robust to bending forces and environmental conditions if a different plastic formular was used, or indeed a rubber compound.

Anyway, the point is that a ‘well known’ unreliable component on the HiLine can be improved, if the intent from Naim is there. History tells us that over time, these sorts of passive approaches to product failures quickly lead to a bad reputation.

Hello all,

To clarify the situation re HiLine: damage to the ‘collar’ (plastic rings) will be repaired by Naim free-of-charge. Any other required repairs/servicing will incur a charge.


Thanks for that Clare.

Can I put this in the suggestion box, Clare?

It would be better, in the economic long term for Naim and for the customer, not to waste time and resources on free repairs, but improve the components resilience and charge as ‘required’ servicing and repairs.

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Thanks Clare,

How would that work in practice when a (non UK) customer is told told it is a fixed repair cost, to be agreed to before accepting the item for repair?

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