HiLine Damaged?

Chaps, whilst disassembling the ND5XS with the HiLine, I noticed that one of the plastic rings had cracked and when I went to take the HiLine out it fell off. Whilst handling it, there was lots of movement between the main plug casing and the wires. I have now pushed the rings back (clicked) together. So of course I now fear that when I pulled out the HiLine, this may have pulled on the wires inside.

I have not reassembled everything to test it through fear of further damage, but as I need to take my UServe back to the dealer to check the battery, I thought I would ask my dealer to check it for damage.

You can see from the photo the cracked ring. Can the HiLine ring be replaced as a ‘rebuild’ at Naim? What are the possible damage scenarios and the process for getting the HiLine fixed?

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Your dealer should be able to arrange a repair at Naim.

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Thanks Richard.

Just a thought…the plastic seemed quite brittle and the way it just fell off as I moved it would suggest it was damaged through stress. Could the continuous heat from the units sitting on the Fraim Light increase stress on the little plastic ring. I have also noticed on other people’s pictures, larger gaps between the rings at this point due to the nature of the cable hanging from there. Perhaps a rubberised plastic ring could be introduced at this stress point?



I noticed a similar break with my Hi-Line whilst connecting a newly purchased NDX2 (not sure when the actual damage occurred). I took it to my local dealer including a little note on my thoughts about the cable (how it hangs, build quality…) and it was sent back to Naim. Within 2 weeks, the cable was returned.

Either a complete rebuild was carried out or I received a new cable. And what a difference. When it was removed from the system I replaced it with the brand new din - din supplied with the NDX2. I could discern no difference. But when the returned Hi-Line was plumbed in; wowzers. A great improvement. Admittedly the NDX2 had by then run-in a little.

I believe the cable was faulty from manufacture. It was purchased in the year the Hi-Line was introduced, so was quite old. But Naim restored it (or replaced, not sure) to a fab standard, and in just over a week. I paid the carrier charge for the dealer; great value for money and a wonderful service from the dealer and Naim.

I’m sure Naim will help you in no time at all.

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Nice to hear Daz. I expect that will be the case for me too. :facepunch:t3:

Lots of threads on the issue of broken or faulty HiLines.
Naim are usually very good about repairing them.

Though someone in a previous thread mentioned that naim now want to charge for the hiline repairs
Before they were always free…

Yes, I was expecting to be charged based on the fact that my gear is out of warranty now. But I did not know they used to provide this service for free.

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