That makes a difference; more fluid and engaging. The SL cables are really sensitive to how they are dressed. Thanks Nigel.

You’re most welcome. Sharing these little ideas is one of the best things about the Forum - particularly when the ideas actually work! Free improvements are always good.

Interesting, never knew those background vocals were there, but they are.

The Hi Line splits opinion. Having recently installed one in my system I think it is an absolute MUST have for Naim’s more recent CD players (CDX2, CD5si). It made a big difference in my system and was a significant upgrade on the standard lavender DIN cable. But unless it is properly installed (as outlined above) it will be a waste of money and may sound worse that the standard cable. I can only assume there must be people who have tried a faulty Hi Line (unaware it is damaged) and equally people who have not installed it properly and so have rejected it unfairly as a consequence. (Puts tin hat on and ducks for cover). I do get that the Hi Line is a complete diva - its fussy, expensive, appears to be prone to breaking and 'needs to be ‘just so’ or it simply won’t perform. I really am bewildered though - it was a great upgrade for a CDX2 with a SN2 - somehow it managed to make everything sound ‘right’ and addictively listenable. I have to drag myself away from my system once it’s on.

To the OP I’d say save your money if you cannot install it ‘properly’ (as advised by Richard, HH etc) but it really is worth making the effort to get it to sing.


Around 15 seconds in on the right channel. Listening to the tItle track on CD of Tusk album at moderately low volume - he’s definitely there.

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