Hints and tips for the new forum

I have found the bookmark very useful in this style forum. You know, for a post that has information about stacking order, cable dressing, DSP settings, SL2 assembly-whatever.

You can bookmark this for later. Click the 3 dots in a post to expand options and the bookmark icon is the second last one.



A quick way back to the ‘Home’ page; click on (or touch with touch screen) the top banner Naim logo


Testing the insert date feature (in preferences) 2019-01-09T00:00:00Z. Looking to see if there are ways to change the format, I’m not unhappy with month in words followed by date & year in numbers as it removes any doubt about but as its the Naim forum we are bound to have others preferences. I can’t find any ways to change date format, anyone find if possible & where is it ??

@Mike-B your home-page looks different to mine. the header in mine and the page itself is all white whereas yours looks closer to the existing one. What did you do?


Seemplz, go to your Preferences & Interface there is a Theme box, choose Naim Grey Theme


@Mike-B - Many thanks. Have had a dabble and got there after a couple of tries.



Testing the insert date feature (in preferences) January 9, 2019 . Looking to see if there are ways to change the format…

The forum host is American hence the date format I suspect.

Yes I realise that, but Hoop-la is also a US org & its dating format was set by the users (yours & mine) computer OS and/or Browser

Using a colon followed by a word will give you an emoticon of that (if available) so for example :(shamrock) without the brackets gives you :shamrock:

@Richard.Dane can you place this is the padded cell if most members don’t have access t9 the beta forum?




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