Hiss, crackle and rustle by my Naim Products

Hello everyone, my HIFI set is composed of ND5XS2 and SUPERNAIT 1 connected to a couple of new PROAC D20r. Good sound, detailed, perhaps a little aseptic at low volume.
I used to have Dynaudios and the rustling has always been there, but now it’s very annoying.
Late in the night, with low volume level is very noising.
What can I do? does it happen to you too? Should I buy an electrical mains filter? Thank you in advance

Are you using Powerline Ethernet adapters?

Richard makes a good point. Do you get the same problem using WiFi on your ND5XS2?


Sorry my system is dead quiet. And I have a Hybrid Amp that uses tubes and I have D20R also

Hi, I use only wifi…
It will be a electrical grid problem?

A little bit of low level hiss is normal (mute if annoying). Crackle and rustle indicates the possibility of some sort of interference. How is the cable dressing, particularly where power and signal cables intersect?

It’s quite a long time since I had my SN1 (with a CD player as main source) but I didn’t experience any crackling or rustling. I think you need to pin down the source of this noise. Do you hear it from the amplifier alone, with the ND5XS2 switched off or disconnected?


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What do you have the ND5XS2 ground switch set to. Are there any other sources connected to the SN1 ?

Does the proac have a different sort of tweeter from the dynaudio? It might contribute to the difference?

Generally, as been said, it’s a cable phenomenon. I would try a different cable or plug.
At least I hope it’s only that.

But any speaker difference should only affect the normal low-level hiss, not add crackling

Yes just the hiss

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Did you ever resolve the crackling?

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