Hiss when Atom is turned OFF

Hi, I’m new there and I’m a happy new owner of a Uniti Atom.
I’m wondering if it is normal to hear a hissing sound from my speakers (Focal Chorus 726) when the Atom is turned OFF? Hearing a hiss when is powered ON seems to be normal, but when it’s OFF sounds a bit strange to me… When I turn the Atom OFF, everything went off (my speakers became dead silent), then after 20 seconds, seems like the speakers were reactivated automatically, producing an audible hiss from the speakers tweeters. My firmware is up to date, I tried to play with the amp volume, plugging the Atom off and on again, but the hiss still comes back (20 seconds after powering off the Atom)… It’s not a big issue for me, but is it normal?? I just want to know if there is something wrong with my setup…

Do you mean when in standby (normal), or when completely switched off and unplugged?

I mean in standby mode.

That’s normal.

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Great to hear that, thanks a lot Richard!
It doesn’t happened with my previous Amp (CXA80), so I was just wondering…

Thanks again,

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