Hissing on my left speaker

Hi guys, I have a sudden speaker hissing issues and want to ask if anyone has advice on it.

I have a Dynaudio Special 40 and a moment ago the left speaker is hissing very loudly and constantly.

Even after I press the mute button, it continue to hiss until I turn off my 552 pre-amp PSU. When I turn on the PSU, the hissing came back but not as loud.

Before I find more answer from dealer (if I can find them) tomorrow morning, has anyone encountered such situation can offer advice?

The hissing is pretty loud and I am a bit scare it explode or break.

I would suggest you just try and select another input on the pre-amp, to help eliminate the source, and perhaps even disconnect the source to check there isn’t an earthing issue (although that would likely affect both channels)

Might be worth wrapping speaker leads to see if hissing moves to other speaker.

Swapping - not wrapping. I think…

I had a faulty DAC in my CDX2 doing that.
Disconect every source from the preamp and check is the hissing persists,

Yes, autocockup working it’s magic, sorry.

Move the cat or snake (not SNAIC) to the other speaker.

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I experienced something very similar a good number of years ago - strong hiss on one channel only. In my case it was the power amplifier. Had it repaired and serviced and was quite shocked about how better it sounded. Components slowly degrade without you seemingly notice until an issue arises.

Thank you guys for all suggestions. I am going to try that now. Wish me luck :pray:

An update. If I change the input, the hissing is still incoming. But now if I mute it from the preamp, the hissing stop.

One scary thing is that I can see the woofer move during the hissing. I immediately mute my preamp :scream:

I also swap the cable to the right speaker and now the right speaker is hissing but not the left.

My dealer suspect is preamp issues. But I have to wait after CNY to get a diagnosis.

It does moved to the other speaker. So I guess is not speaker issues.

Your dealer is almost certainly right.
That has all the hallmarks of a noisy component in the preamp.

Suspect something needs a re-cap/service. Naim gear throws up noises like this when it needs a service, most items every 10ish years 500 series normally a bit longer. My 135s seem to last almost exactly 10. I also understand that pre amps generally last longer than power amps and power supplies. There will be others infinitely better qualified to confirm or otherwise.

The oldest component I have is the 2018 250DR. The 552 and ND555 are all 2022 units. So I don’t think is recap. Hopefully is just QC issues. I am quite unlucky. Most Naim units I have develop faults.

I think you are unlucky and hope you get it sorted soon. I’ve had Naim amps exclusively since 1984, 3 different pre amps, 3 different power, snaps, HiCap and Supercap, nDac and 555ps. Never had a fault. I don’t want to come across as gloating, I’m certainly not and would feel gutted if I’d had your experience. I think my experience is more typical, Naim’s upgrade ladder would be little used if their products were perceived as unreliable.

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A short video showing how the hissing and woofer move. Quite scary.


I’d say turn it off until you can have your dealer check it out. That’s not good for your speakers or your mental health!

Yup I have turned it off since that day. Today dealer coming, so morning I just switch it on to confirm and take a video first. Surprising it become more stronger. Not sure if later I want to demo to the dealer or not. At least I got it on video, so maybe not haha.

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Wow, the hissing would not bother me as much as the woofer popping…WTF is that?

We have confirmed it is the 552 head unit causing the loud hissing and woofer movement. Exactly why is unknown to me, but definitely a heart attack moment. So far I have two 552 going back to Naim now. Awaiting my third replacement now. Wish me luck!