Hit parade - non-Naim streamer

Please, excuse me if this text looks like the sacrilege and the departure from the canons :laughing:
Some weeks ago I was requesting help on this forum. Since then I made a preorder of nd5xs2 and waiting for confirmation. Unfortunately, the dealer told me that there are heavy odds against me - Brexit(VAT, customs, certification), pandemia, supplies, margins, hell knows what, etc, hell knows what once again.
So, folks, would you mind sharing your non-Naim streamer(renderer) which you connect to the Naim amplifier :slight_smile: I need to know how to build the reserve plan. I’ve spent a lot of days searching through this forum but it is an exhausting activity, to collect the statistic.

I’d start from myself - Yamaha WXAD-10. It is good, but not excellent and lacks the digital output. Good bass, good mids, good highs, lots of details, but I always feel that the sound is a bit dull and I’m missing something.

Auralic Vega G1 is well worth an audition. I’m not sure but I presume it’s a similar price point. I have an Aries and I’m very impressed with it.

Indeed the new customs arrangements post Brexit is a pain for those of us who like UK brands and dealing with UK dealers.

I wouldn’t have thought it would have as big an impact on dealers but I suppose it depends on how many Naim items he would order at a time.

For me it’s amplification that Naim excel in, there are loads of choices to feed the amplification and be fed by it.


Any of the Innuos range. Matched with a Chord DAC, albeit there are lots of equally satisfying options.

Indeed Innuos looks to be a good choice if you want a separate streamer/DAC ( which I have and think it’s the best option in a fast changing world, not to have DAC and streamer new the one box.)

(The Aries G1 would be an Auralic equivalent)

From reading here their customer support sounds excellent too.


I use a 2009 iMac for music storage & use optical out to an old Cambridge dac. Cost zero as all things I had lying about house in loft, awaiting dump run. Now in use most weekends.

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In typical forum fashion alternatives are chord that does not solve anything in terms of being brexitted like Naim. However it does not seem that the Naim dealers in Europe has suffered other than all others with even longer supply times than what is normal.

I think the request was for suggestions not solutions in an absolutist sense and it has to be remembered that pre loved is always a good option.

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If you really want the ND5XS2, I would order it and in the meantime tide yourself over with whatever the dealer can lend you, or e.g. get a used Bluesound Node 2i and sell it on when the Naim kit arrives


Any alternative is an alternative - and whilst it is true that the fundamental factors related to Brexit changes will affect all goods crossing the same border(s) in the same direction(s), different manufacturers may have different supply capacities and capabilities that may make a significant difference to availability and lead time. The same is true of the effect of other current supply chain influences such as pandemia referenced by the OP - who simply asked for people to share what alternatives they use.

In my case a 2012 Mac Mini running Audirvana (streaming my own collection stored on the MM, though it can be used for Tidai & Quobuz etc if desired), into Chord Dave DAC. No preamp because unnecessary additional electronics given that I don’t have an analogue source needing one. Prior to Dave I used a Chord Hugo, with a Gustard U12 isolator-converter between MM and it to remove the RF to which Hugo was susceptible but Dave not. In the future I anticipate possibly changing the MM to something like Innuos or Melco, though a variety of other options make it an uncertain choice in advance of that time coming.

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I’m afraid the difference in SQ between wxad and node 2i is negligible as they are built on almost the very same DAC chip.
What I’ve found during my research that a lot of people on this forum use wxad. As I said it is good and I need significant uplift.

Exactly! To me, the real setups are the most valuable.

Or get a used wxad. I did say “for example” :slight_smile: Main point was that if you already decided for the nd5xs2 because it is what you want, just order it and it will arrive at some point. Neither the wxad nor the 2i or other alternatives will kill you in the meantime :wink:

:slight_smile: already done

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I agree, if you want a ND5 XS2 just wait. It might take longer to arrive than you would like but it will arrive eventually.

Not sure if nd5xs2 arrives and that thing makes me crying :face_with_head_bandage:
That is why I need a hit parade of non-Naim setup

I doubt Naim or your dealer will take your money and never send you a unit

A dealer does not take my money at all because he has troubles with the suplly chain.

And where are you? Not in your profile and I can’t find it mentioned. Just looking at an online dealer website in Germany and FWIW it says 10-14 days

Now I need some setups, that are in real use. Usualy such things are easier to build.

Meridian 210 - although as another UK company you may hit some of the same issues.

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