HMV closing

Just received an email from HMV. Stores are closing after trading today. No mention of how long they will be shut.

There’s something on their website. It looks like they plan to be back and will be carrying on with mail order.

Lots of shops temporarily closing during this Covid19 self isolation phase, same as John Lewis (and other stores).

I’ve been ordering CDs and BluRays from HMV on-line - it’s important that we support them as best able (rather than the ‘A’ behemoth!).


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Absolutely - use it or lose it. I haven’t checked very recently, but there have been quite a few times over the last year or two where I’ve found HMV to be cheaper than That Place. If you can get to one in person, you don’t even have to wait for the delivery person to thoughtfully leave it at the ‘local’ sorting office for you.



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