HMV Heads Up

I too nipped into HMV yesterday (Thanet branch - sad to admit I was in Thanet but there you go).

The new Foals album 16 bit on Qobuz a whopping £15.49 with physical CD in HMV £9.99

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One of Qobuz major problems in my view - their CD quality titles are generally far more expensive than physical CDs, plus they never offer Sublime discounts on CD quality audio (when often there is no hi-res option). That album is £11.99 in 24 bit 44.1 kHz quality for me as a Sublime subscriber which would make me buy the download vs CD if I fancied the album.

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Last Friday I popped into Exeter’s HMV and bought Deep Purple House in Blue Light CD for £5.99. I don’t think I could get it any cheaper online such as Amazon after the usual postage cost would be included in the total price. Well done HMV!


Agreed - the last few times I’ve price-checked CDs/DVDs/Blu-Rays I found in HMV, it would have cost me more to get it from the tax-avoiders, sometimes even without postage.


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