HMV Loyalty

Just received an email for the new loyalty scheme.
Followed instruction to download the app and register … doesn’t work.
I get a message saying they have probs sending verification code, try again.
Any thoughts?

I’ve worked on these sort of systems in the past, if you’re seeing an issue it’s probably at their end not yours. There should be contact info somewhere, either a phone number or email. Try that. There’s half a chance that the people running the promotion - not necessarily HMV - are unaware that there’s a problem.

I am getting same message as well …

Sent them an email. Will post their response here if and when they reply.

Email just been bounced … undeliverable. :rage:

The points value has about halved as well.
£5 voucher = 50,000 points
£10 voucher - 100,000 points
£20 voucher = 200,000 points
£50 voucher = 500,000 points

Sent to another email address…HMV response…

Dear HMV Customer,

Thanks for getting in touch.

Please be advised that we are currently experiencing a higher level of purehmv and loyalty scheme-related contact than usual. Whilst we will aim to respond to these emails within 10 working days of receipt, we kindly ask for your patience should there be a slight delay in responding to your query.

For all other queries we aim to respond within 3 working days. We will be looking into your query and will respond as quickly as possible. If you have not done so already, we ask that you send through as much detail as you can, including a photo of your proof of purchase if applicable, so that we can assist you fully.

hmv Customer Service Team

In other words, don’t hold your breath. :joy:

An update of sorts…

Tried it at 4am, still broke but OK at 8am even managed to scan in some receipts.
Seems to be working now … but for how long. :joy::joy:

Does the app pick up credit that was on your card at the point they cancelled that system? I am very doubtful that there is much point in fiddling about with this, especially as I haven’t kept receipts for what I have bought over the months.

There was an email sent out months ago which asked if you wanted to stay with the scheme. If you received and replied to that email, your existing points would be carried over, as mine have.
I collected all new receipts since the scheme went down and that was mostly a waste of time as the new scheme is only accepting receipts from 28 October 2019, all previous receipts are no good.

App is now working for me this morning (had issues last night, but probably my fault!). Have also added in two receipts successfully.

Nice to see them honouring the points - they didn’t have to do that.

Another incentive for continuing to buy from HMV in the high street (rather than than ‘that’ tax avoiding on-line alternative)!

ATB. George

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Thanks. I did get the original email - whether my points amount to anything worthwhile is doubtful. I wasn’t very consistent in getting them added when I shopped there. And they have to be spent by mid-January. It looks like the scheme is designed to get us to shop in HMV for Xmas and then spend the points in the post-Xmas slump!

I managed to log-on and register yesterday. A bit of a phaff for what I then worked out was a voucher worth £10! I seem to be remember being told in a store one day that my points were worth about £40. Still given administration I suppose getting anything back on old points is better than nothing.

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The points are worth about 1/2 what they were.
When you cash them in take your phone/app to the store lr you wont be able to claim them. The need to scan the barcode on the app.
As things are at the moment, the card is useless and doesnt do anything.

Thanks @raym55. I try to remember that.

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