HMV new loyalty scheme

I just received an email from HMV saying they are launching a new loyalty scheme and will be transferring points from the old system to the new one. Not much in the way of details but a good sign. I wonder if they will also he re-launching their online store, I much preferred buying from there than Amazon


WooooHooooo! I’m in. :joy::joy:

A little more info

I’ll have a shillings worth of that as well.

Thanks. I have just registered but it says it has gone off for review rather than transferring points over. Like an idiot I had £250 worth of points on there so would be very good if they do honor them. Will see how I get on.

HMV online store looks like it is coming back, currently open for a limited selection of pre-orders. If they get it as good as it was before the administration it will be good to have it back.


Hope so - I had £50 left on my old account. I think it was said that balances will be transferred :slight_smile:

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