HMV, You’ve Blown It

After last years closures and re-openings it was great to see the Plymouth store reopen in Feb 19.
My best guess was as this was a ‘mall’ shop they had a reduction on the rent for an unknown period which allowed them to re-open.
Recently, they have moved from the mall to a vacant high street shop, previously occupied by Maplins. Once again, guessing that the ‘grace’ period had come to an end.
The new shop is about 1/2 the size of the old one and as you would expect, the stock levels are in proportion. As an example their Jazz section used to be about 8 columns wide, this is now down to 4. Classical is even worse off.
Since the move I have been in 6 or 7 times and walked out empty handed, which for me is pretty rare.
Apart from anything else their prices have increased somewhat. On a couple of occasions I have seen staff re-stickering stock with higher prices.
I have tried to support my local shop but if they don’t have anything of interest, I don’t see myself going in there too often.
It’s unfortunate but I guess the sign of the times.

Yes noticed prices have shot up recently. I was going to get a couple of their ‘Premium Collection’ Blu-Rays a few weeks ago they were 2 for £15 but now they are £14.99 each. Mentioned to one of the guys and told him that’s not the way it’s supposed to happen - that’s how you went out of business last time!

Only a matter of time I guess before they fold.

Think the price of some CDs seem to be going through the roof. I’d just noticed I only have an mp3 version of Elbow’s The Seldom Seen Kid, went online to the big river store only to find its well over $50 to the ridiculous amount of $326.00 (AUD). There’s definitely a bit gouging going on by some. It’s a bit of a worry as they are getting harder and harder to get as most retail stories have closed.

@Pete_the_painter just have another quick flick through Amazon as there are two versions of the Elbow album the bog standard is retaining at £4.19 in the UK and a much more expensive version with a DVD that goes for £22 maybe it’s this latter one you’ve seen?

We have our own now and the cheapest I can find is $55.00. We’re now not able to purchase from any other location due to our GST (tax). Even looked at HD Tracks but it’s not available there.

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There’s a few retail outlets (although it’s getting hard) I’ll try them first. Thanks anyway. :+1:

Maybe a friend can buy it abroad and mail it to you as a gift?

And surely if something is imported and your GST hasn’t been paid on it, the customs service just will bill you? Like if I import something from the US to UK, occasionally the UK Revenue & Customs will charge me VAT.



There’s lots of cds of seldom seen kid for sale on Discogs.

Ridiculous, it’s hard to work as some CDs are sooo cheap. Normally they’re between 15-28 Aus $.

From discogs, add £5.50 for postage to Australia according to the seller’s page.

I can’t image it’d be $50.00. :thinking: Cheers.

My regular visit to HMV in Bath where I check out two albums, Kate Bush Remastered Part 1 £60 in store £40 online!!! Amazon slighly less. Erasure Wild Deluxe Edition £23 in store not sure about on line, but £14 with Amazon.

Also noticed there two for XX offers had changed.

It is a shame that there isn’t consistency from store to online in terms of prices as I would rather support HMV than Amazon, who have also increased prices. As an example it is cheaper to buy Be Bop Deluxe reissues from the record company (Cherry Red), including postage than buying from Amazon who have charge up to 30% more for the same release.

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