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Good afternoon.

Thank you for the add. First time post.

I have built up many system over the years, mainly Linn with the odd foray into Cyrus and Naim.

I got to the point last year when I decided to make an ‘end game‘ move. Upgrading to a Linn Klimax and Akubarik ExaKt set up. Ease of set up and listening experience is very good BUT I do miss the hobby element of building systems. I also (honestly) still miss my earlier Supernait.

In summary, I’m looking to put my current system up against a new SN3, NDX2 and Kudos 606. Not exactly a budget system but one that gives scope for future upgrades.

Always up for experimentation.

Anyway, stay well and healthy all.



Welcome. If building systems is your hobby, and the SN3 your starting position, why not go for the system which was shown at the Bristol show by Signals?

SN3 + 2x Hicap DR + Nap 250 + Snaxo (which is available for Kudos). An Active system.

Great fun!


Looks great.

I think vinyl is best if you like Hi Fi as a hobby. Not clear if your Linn Klimax is a Sondek? Streaming is uninvolving in this respect.

Looking at the countless threads on Ethernet cable tweaks and so called audiophile ‘network switches’ tweaks I suggest streaming is as involving as vinyl, if you want it to be…


Yes, next to the infinite tweaks available with digital audio, vinyl seems very straightforward, unless you actively participate in the never ending Linn fiddling game. I guess there is always scope for the fiddlers to fiddle, especially if they prefer the gear to the music.

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I must just dislike digital tweaking then? Who knew?

Exactly… and even FM radio has its tweaking domains with elaborate, ultimately unnecessary aerial metal work design … but they look impressive… and it is all part of the hobby, for those that want…

Truth be told I don’t tweak. My dealer is the expert and I mostly leave it to him. The OP obviously likes the hobbyist aspects of system building, something I have little empathy for except for perhaps cleaning my records. The thought of comparing Ethernet cables leaves me cold… Each to their own of course.

For thought and discussion, you could draw a Venn diagram, one circle music lovers, one circle Audiophiles and a group in the middle who are into both. On the forum, nearly everyone’s position is going to vary with time, inclination and funds.

The industry has to operate as a business so Linn are very likely to have a 5 year plan rationing out developments with the objective of customers spending £2/3k each year. If you have the cash and love an upgrade its going to be fun.

Of course this benefits everyone as it keeps dealers in business as well as Linn.

I would ask @stuart.ashen how he ended up with that LP12 if he doesn’t tweak but I love his proper system from CDP to Amps.

Mind you I also haven’t got a clue if the LP12 set up is “off the shelf” so I am on dodgy ground here anyway.


Love your idea - using a venn diagram - to explain that one👍

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You can spend countless hours tuning Space Optimisation V2 or comparing it with V1 and if your music is on a NAS then the search for meticulous metadata is endless.

I guess I’m not a hobbyist - I hope my system is done for good now.

Linn Klimax and Akubarik ExaKt sounds a great system to me - there are alternatives and they’ll sound different.

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A modern LP12 does not require any regular maintenance or tweaking. Simples!

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