Holiday Refunds

Hi Dave…checked my credit card this morning, i have been fully refunded by Tui, so in the end, no complaints.

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Brilliant! :+1: :+1:

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Has anyone had any joy getting a refund from BA ?
No luck here so far …

I had a holiday booked through Secret Escapes, just been cancelled. They are only offering a voucher (ATOL protected). I can’t see any other option at all from them. On the one hand a protected voucher is fine, after all the money was already spent - and if it keeps the business alive to deal with again that is good. My issue is there is just a year to use the voucher to book another holiday, but I have no idea if a holiday that I would want will become available in that timeframe: I hope so, but it might not depending how coronavirus goes here and abroad.

We’ve just had a full (£500+) refund from Isles of Scilly Skybus for cancelled end May flights (plus no questions asked accommodation refund from private apartment owner). It would seem we’ve been pretty fortunate, although we’re now arguing the toss with a French gîte owner, who seems to think she’s not only entitled to keep our 25% deposit, but that we should also stump up the balance!! Not sure which parallel universe she inhabits, but fortunately we paid via credit card so hopeful of full refund.

I’m reading lots of bad things about the French holiday and tourist industry - they seem to be ignoring contract law totally for the most part!

Depends on the contract but deposits are normally non-refundable.

You might be right Richard, but the point Timmo is making is that not only does she want to keep the 25% deposit, she actually wants the other 75% as well !

Ignore. French travel restrictions mean force majeure will apply and void the contract.

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I had no intention of paying, but, legalities notwithstanding, the gîte owner is unable to supply me with what I ordered (albeit through no fault of her own) - I fail to see how morally that gives her the right to keep the 25%. It’s not a fortune, and it won’t make that big an impact, but that’s not the point. An insurance claim is not going to happen - excesses and increases in next year‘s premiums rule that out. We shall see. In the long run she’ll lose out, as the three couples affected will never use her business again!

A deposit buys you exclusivity, which you have had. No one else could have booked your slot. It was reserved for you.

Hence both sides have got something and that is why deposits are non-refundable

I agree with a Richard but a kind person would either refund or let you book another slot using the deposit. What’s best for customer relations, especially with trip advisor around.

We cancelled before lockdown with a Riveira Travel,they offered a full refund or a booking for next year. We chose the option to book as our cash will help keep them afloat. A refund is still on the table though if we decide that later in the year, who knows what it will be like in October

Many on this thread don’t seem to realise it’s a matter of life or death for a lot of small companies. I still work occasionally for a small educational organisation: the turnover this year will be 5% of what it is normally. The chap who runs it, who is a friend of mine, is literally fighting for his life, and his employees have been furloughed.
Needless to say, I shall forgo my fees for this year - but some of the places that he’s booked won’t return the money.

Exactly. The gîte owner may find she has cause to reflect upon her intransigence long after I’ve forgotten about it. The review sites she places so much store by will be duly contacted by me and our friends.

Firstly well done to companies who have given no quibble refunds to consumers, but to those who haven’t then they are legally obliged and should not expect the consumer to subsidise them.

When it comes to holidays it is advisable to use a credit card. As I understand it you can instruct your credit card provider to invoke a charge back and your money will be refunded. The dispute is then between the credit card company and the holiday company.

I did this a few years ago against British Airways and it proved an easy way to get my money back when they stopped flying from my local airport and canceled my booking. I found BA very unhelpful when I approached them, but American Express sorted them out.

The Which? article Consumers should not have to prop up the travel industry is very good

Did you use a credit card - if so get them to do a charge back. It’ll cost BA more, but the important thing is you should get your money back.

If you are not sure how to do it then please click here and Which? will guide you through it.

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Thanks for the link , I’ll have a read . Luckily I did use my credit card and that was going to be my next step .

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My understanding is that to be entitled to a refund then either the gite owner needs to have cancelled or there is FCO advice against travel to the area for the time you will be there.

Otherwise it may be treated as a disinclination to travel with a potential adverse impact on any claim. Which would be galling if you had no means to get there.

Paying the balance would mean you would still be entitled to a refund. Of course it might well feel like throwing good money after bad, depending on how much protection you have from credit card company or it being part of a package.

I am not an expert on this, it’s just from what I read in the Which article.

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Some good news for those who are holding BA Future Travel Vouchers. The validity for all vouchers has been extended to April 2022. I wasn’t very confident that international travel would be a good idea by my March 2021 deadline.


One of mine recently cancelled (was due go be in Italy next week), only offered voucher. I challenged and repeat, with more detail. I challenged again, citing their own Ts&Cs., and they have upped their voucher with 10% extra, and also said that I can instead confirm desire for full refund, but as they have paid the travel providers in full, I will have to wait until the providers cough up which could be many weeks or months (with risk of provider going bust, they didn’t say).

Legally my contract is with the agent, but taking action against them may only push them over the edge. The voucher is a refund credit note backed by ABTA, and is for a year - with refund in cash available at the end of the year if I don’t book anything with them. I’m currently checking with ABTA, but if all in order I am minded to accept. It may help them stay in business, possibly even help the travel providers, and if they go bust I have the ABTA backing. Given that I had already spent the money, and they are an agent I have bought from before as they come up with good value things from time to time, I May well see something I like on sale offered in tge timeframe, otherwise get 110% back.

Best of luck…its a difficult scenario. The credit card and holiday insurance industry need a good investigation to my mind when the dust has settled.