So off to SW France for two weeks, no Naim, no Roon only my phone, tablet , Dragonfly Cobalt and UAPP and BubbleUpnP to access my library at home.

Will I cope? I think so. How do you do your holiday music.

Music stays at home.

IPod and the car audio…but only useful when on the road.:grin::grin:

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Last year I rented a cottage in the Yorkshire Dales, took a Muso Qb with me. As I’m travelling a lot at the moment (visiting my unwell mum, I’m planning to pick up a Dragonfly Cobalt to go with B&W C5 S2.

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iPhone, and if I take it iPad, using JetAudio player, copying onto the devices a selection of albums before going. I don’t have mobile data away from home. Bose QC25 headphones. Mainly used on planes, trains or buses.

If I were to travel for longer, as I may do after retirement, I’d investigate at least better headphones (closed back, so expensive for good quality) and poly/mojo (unless I judged it worth taking Dave and my Mac Mini).

For me… I prefer resting my ear drums when on holiday… And the sweet nothings with wife and kids…


I normally take my Fiio X5 but for some strange reason (expect on flights) hardly use it.

Tablet with headphones (only time i use them) accessing Tidal and Radio Paradise apps - you can get free wifi pretty much anywhere these days.

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Radio - essential for cricket and news.
iPad for music, but have not put anything on the new one yet.
Radio paradise worked well too.

In days gone by I used a Bose Sound dock, but left it with a loved one when I moved back to the UK. Most explore new options, so following closely …

I always turn mine off.
Better to seek out what the locals have to offer.

If I do music it will be local and live but like football I enjoy having an off season.

I never leave home without my Sony ZX2 and Sure SE846 IEMs. I sometimes take a little powered speaker too - listening through headphones on holiday is a bit antisocial!

Not in my experience. Some places yes, but even with hotels many still charge (exorbitantly), or free only in communal areas.

North America you get it free on every corner due to Starbucks. Was in Vancouver and never needed phone data at all due to this. :slight_smile:

In rural France there was no WiFi in our rental just an occasionally flaky 3G/4G signal. But I took a Qb along with an Apple router so I could set up a WAP to allow my iPhone to control the Qb. I had a load of files on a USB stick. This wasn’t as convenient as last year when I took the Core along too, but I decided this year that I didn’t really want the hassle of wrapping it up to put it in the car and then worrying about whether it got knocked. I posted a photo of my careful installation in System Pics a couple of weeks ago. It’s post 2980 if anyone wants to see it…



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