Home gym ideas - show us yours

I’m thinking of turning my garage into a home gym; the garage is quite small and is unlikely to fit my next car (dimensions around 2.3m x 4.8m, or about 8ft x 16ft) and is currently empty. It’s brick with a concrete floor and has a double fluorescent light but will be very dull as it has no natural light.

I’d love to hear what you have done…along with any suggestions for turning a garage into somewhere inviting as a home gym, so flooring type, colours, lighting etc. I’ll be using my Mu-so Qb to provide some music.

What about equipment? My daughter is a keen kick-boxer and she has left a punchbag, but otherwise I have nothing. I run and cycle so don’t need any cardio stuff. What do you use most, and what was a waste of money?

It’ll be a DIY effort, so probably nothing too ambitious.

Pictures would be great!

This is more to do with the structure than it is about equipment.

We turned the back of a (very deep) double garage in to a Pilates studio for Mrs Haffle 15 years ago. It has been very successful other than trying to keep it warm. The floor is a floating laminated wooden floor, on top of 2 inches(?) of polystyrene on top of ~6" concrete. The stud walls are plasterboard with a degree of insulation, inside a wooden plank / boarded old barn. Roof is insulated with ~6" cosy wrap.

It is a real so & so to heat - central heating was not an option, and a fan heater proved useless; an oil filled radiator does the job, but isn’t wonderful. If I was doing it again I would put far more thought in to the insulation & heating …

It looks bigger than it is in reality in this photo due to two walls being mirrored.

UK based.



This is what I did to my garage (approx. 3.5 x 5 m) starting in 2020 when staying at home became all the rage. To save on space I went with an adjustable kettlebell (Bowflex) and adjustable 5–40 kg dumbbells. Most expensive bit of kit was actually the barbell, not the squat rack. Thick rubber flooring a must.
To make the tunes happen, I picked up a Rega io, Q Acoustics 3020i and an old Google Chromecast Audio.


This in mine. In one half of a double garage. I put rubber gym flooring down and a wall between the two garages. I’m a keen cyclist, so it is quite cycling focussed - a smart turbo trainer (for Zwift), with one of my bikes on, a spinning bike and signed cycling memorabilia on the walls.

I also have a treadmill and a cross trainer. Music comes courtesy of a Muso Qb and I have a radiator and a Dyson all in one heater/fan. I love the gym and use it regularly, particularly in the winter when it’s harder to get outside.


Some great spaces here. I think I could replicate some of these quite easily, and make use of redundant furniture from spare bedrooms to give some storage. I looked at an LED panel light that gives the appearance of a window, so might try one of those.

I’m regretting throwing away all my race numbers now, as they do make the space look more interesting.

I have this little corner! Bands are a great space saving option instead of dumbbells, and a lot cheaper . Climbing frame makes a good anchor and good for body weight training


+1 on resistance bands! Great space saver.

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