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This is embarrassing but I just moved and somehow I lost all my written directions for hooking up my home network connections. I realize I should know this by now and it should be (easily?) found in the NAIM literature or on YouTube but it is probably too elementary for them.
In short, in my living room I have an Apple i-Pad with the NAIM program to control the discs, radio programs, etc. etc. BUT, I cannot seem to get my NAIM components ‘onto’ that network.
In short, I have:
5-Port Gigabit Desktop Switch, G5105
Uniti Atom
Uniti Core
Not counting the port for the wall outlet, Port 1, which component goes to which of the other 4 vacant ports on the router?? Or, where is this explicitly detailed in the NAIM literature?
Thank you,
An embarrassed Naim devotee

Connect your atom and core to the switch.
Connect your switch to the router.
So that’s 3 out of 5 sockets on the switch being used.
The switch will use one of the 4 network sockets on the router.
Connect your router to the wall socket.

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Thank you. “Atom and Core to the switch”…check. So far so good, but my router is in the telcom box in one of the closets where the service comes into the apartment, which is in another room. That is where I think I am mixed up.

Where you connect your devices makes no difference. An Ethernet port is an Ethernet port, and it doesn’t matter whether you connect to the ports in the router or the switch. The only exception is that your router may have a WAN port as well as LAN ports. Just use the LAN ports.

So you gotta figure a way to get a cable from the switch to the router.

Or use wi fi if your Naim gear supports it

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