Home Security Recommendations?

I want to purchase a tried and tested home security system.
My mother lives about 2 hours away and is in the early stages of Dementia.
Although frail, she managed to go walk about for the first time last week.
Although carers come in every morning and evening , I need a system in place that allows me to be notified of the front door being opened ect ect
Having looked on-line, often reviews are somewhat mixed regarding how good a security system is.
So interested if anyone has any recommendations for a system that works well, with minimum issues?

Can seriously recommend Yale Smart Home Alarm kit, very easy and quick to fit, all wireless but would obviously need to be connected (via wifi) to the internet. You could also fit a couple of Yi Home 1080p cameras to keep an eye out. Both can be operated and observed by a smart phone. Just fitted the above to my own home, fitting was a breeze and I finally feel safe both at home and when I go out. The cameras also allow a two way conversation if required. Have a quick google!

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Retro, Many thanks for the recommendation, I will take a look.

I do wonder how reliable wireless systems are - e.g how susceptible to hacking, or even something as simple as jamming?

IB, certainly a consideration.

The Yale does have an anti-Jamming system in place.

Also with the Yale system you don’t have to actually have the alarm set to activate but if a door opens it will send you an immediate notification.

Sounds ideal, thanks for the feedback

I can recommend the Powermax range from Visonic.

We first started using their systems years ago, we bought the BT Home monitor system that was basically a crippled version of their PowerMax product made by Visconic. A few years ago we replaced the control panel with an un-crippled one (PowerMax +), keeping all the sensors.

We have only ever had one false alarm in almost 20 years.

They make a lot of different sensors, including pendants, emergency buttons etc. which allow for a call for help.

Installation is quite easy but programming takes a bit of getting your head round. It’s really intended for professional installation but DIY is possible.

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Trickydickie, reliability is a must really, which is why any recommendations are so useful.
These days it seems that you can go to YouTube and find an installation video for most things… i will take a look.
Thanks for the recommendation

First of all you have my sympathies, my wife and I cared for my mother through dementia, our journey came to an end in 2017 after 5 years. In the initial stages we used a forerunner of the Yale, we were about 3 hours away but with good neighbours on either side of her. But depending on the age of you mother you should make more provision and do not rely on the technology. Classic moment we can laugh at now mum saying bye at he end of a phone call on a land line and just putting the hand set down but still connected and walking away. A simple camera phone ends up, on, in the fridge. The door alarm goes off because on a warm day, its easier for her to open the door than the window. The time we saw her on the camera sucking the remote control because she had left her cup of tea in the kitchen. I could go on. We had at the end 4 care visits a day and the had to decide to either move her into full time which she did not want. In the end we converted the garage into a bed sit with a wheel chair accessible wet room. It was hard but rewarding work until the last 8 months where she needed 24 hours a day care, including turning at night to avoid sores. We would do it a gain but it did mentally and physically almost kill us. What I’m saying is make a decision with her now.

Hi Peter 1480,

my brother lives about 20 minutes away, so hence is taking much of the responsibility… in order to help I have offered to organise surveillance … just as an extra precaution before the serious decisions have to be made …

So a system that is robust and reliable is what’s required for the immediate future…

Sounds like you have come through a tough time… personally I am not looking forward to it

What has not killed you makes you stronger!

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