Home workouts for children under lockdown

If any of you are trying to keep young children active during this period of self isolation, I can recommend Joe Wick’s YouTube channel. He is doing a live stream 30 min PE workout session at 9am everyday, aimed at youngsters (and parents) now confined at home due to the hateful coronavirus. If of use just search for “The Body Coach TV” on YT.

My children and I did it this morning (yep, I felt very self conscious!) and even ‘the teen’ (who swims competitively) deemed it very effective and worthwhile, esp some of the core exercises. I run a couple of times a week and yet still found it surprisingly hard work! My four year old did find a few of the exercise a little tricky but she had a go, but best of all, she loved jumping around in front of the TV with her siblings and her idiotic uncoordinated dad! Highly recommended.

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