Hope all is fine

Hi all, it’s been a while since I haven’t got on here and so I hope you are all fine.Last time was at the beginning of Covid lockdown here in Milan and I must admit I was a little bit nervous at that time and, yes,scared too.I replied to Coronavirus post talking about politics for a while and for my very first time, which I’ve never done on here.Richard Dane noticed this too…:slight_smile: So I decide to take a break.The situation here in Italy is getting better every day, some weeks ago I was permitted to meet my partner who lives 3 kms away from me:we were not together in one home when lockdown started.I can ride my bike now and also go for a walk in the mountains, even if just in my Region Lombardy but I can’t go to my seaside home which is in Liguria Region,unfortunately.Anyway it’s really fine now though I still have all the precautions I had when everything started.I recently had a good beer in a kind of pub I know which is located in a very large park and tables are two meters away from each other.Ciao guys.


It’s good to know you’re keeping well @Fabio1. It seems your region has gone through a particularly tough time.

It’s strange how wonderful a cycle and a beer can become!



Its nice to know …normal things are slowly possible even while maintaining a distance…

Hope things get better still…

Hey…a few of my posts had a hair cut too…so it’s OK… :slightly_smiling_face:

No worries…

Am listening to GunsNRoses right now…Live and Let Die :grinning:

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