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Do you live…@frenchrooster

and all of you who live down in Europe.?

:fire:France has recorded its hottest ever temperature at 112F (44.3C) as Europe swelters in a heatwave blamed for several deaths, including a 17-year-old farm worker in Spain.


Whilst I would rather have a few days warmer than today’s 22C where I live, 44 is truly lethal and requires care and a lot of water if you are not accustomed to living in such conditions.

I feel for the people affected - the hottest I have experienced was about 38 and that was searing. I hope it passes soon, and that people help their neighbours cope.

Unfortunately more and more extreme weather conditions are what has been predicted from climate change, and we are increasingly suffering the effects - all over the world. I shall be on holiday in Southern Europe next week, but fortunately the weather forecast is for only the low 30s maximum, for which I am grateful.

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A very pleasant 24 degrees here in south east England, with a reasonable breeze too.



35 C now. in the train with no clim. But i am hopefully sitting.

Only 18c here at Pegwell Bay.

And it hasn’t reached that yet, only 19 at the moment. It makes others’ 25 degrees hotter seem all the more extreme

It’s currently 33 here which is a bit better than the 37 we have had for the last few days. I am glad we don’t have 45…

:small_blue_diamond:Up here in northern Sweden we have 20C today.
But a week ago we had 27-29C.

I live in a wooden house,.and in the rooms inside it was then 34-35C…Not fun.
So it became a purchase of an AC.

But 44C,…Oops,.it’s hot.
I drove MC from Nice to Playa’de’Aro in Spain once.
I drove in a T-shirt on the freeway and sweated. Then it was warm,.But I don’t know how hot.


DC is better Peder :star_struck::partying_face:. too hot for your lp12, so lid off :rofl:


Yes, this could be a harbinger of what is to come. These deaths are individually tragic, but the effect of food production could be apocalyptic.

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France has gone to 45.8’C
Yes it’s hot, for Europe.
Funny that it’s hotter than my old stomping ground in Saudi & UAE at the moment. The hottest I’ve experience there was 52’C, but they are equipped for it, unlike Europe.

:small_blue_diamond:@Mike-B,…But how did you survive 52 C.?

Were you constantly in a pool,.with intravenous drip :grin:.


people in Dubai or such countries are never outside their homes, buildings or cars.

No not at all, provided you are in the shade it’s quite easy once you get used to it.
It’s impossible if you are in the sun, metal & tools too hot to touch, meters not working etc…

The workers there are certainly not considered people indeed.

I once played golf in Desert Springs where the thermometer at the start of our round read 115’ fahrenheit which equates to around 46’ celcius. However, we had a well shaded buggy and copious amounts of iced water with us for the round, and returned to our air conditioned villa after the round.

I can’t imagine what it would be like to spend the best part of a day in these temperatures without access to air conditioning. But then again, I guess there are communities in Africa who have to put up with these sorts of conditions for months on end.

I guess our own moderate (if often wet, windy and chilly) weather is not so bad after all.

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:small_blue_diamond:@Mike-B,…But different people can withstand the heat different well.

I have to eat salt tablets when I’m down on the continent and it’s really hot.
Amazing that you can be in 52’C heat.

Last summer it was so hot up here,.that older pensioners had to stand in supermarkets refrigeration department to get the coolness.


Also dry heat is a different ball game to humid heat, in terms of comfort if not health.



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@davidhendon,…Well I know,.we bathe a lot of sauna up here.

And 90-110’C dry heat is no problem.
But throw a scoop of water on the heater,.well then you throw yourself down on the floor quite fast :grin:.


i didn’t understood Ardberg. Can you explain ?