Hot swap din cord

Good evening; I would like to know if it is possible to change a din cord without turning off your Naim amplifier, just put it on “Mute” to avoid any risk of deterioration
Thank you for your answers

There’s DIN and DIN, you don’t want to hot swap a Snaic or you risk damage, the interconnects are OK. The Snaics carry DC power and the plugs are 270 degree, the interconnects are 180. There were grey Snaics before the black ones came in so colour isn’t a reliable guide.

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ok so a donation of network player connection, amp I can do it hot, cd player amp too if I understood correctly

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It’s hicap and supercap etc plus aux2 powering stsgelines, all those connections you would need to power off. Just “line in” components will be fine.

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