House/ Hifi bespoke contents Insurance

Thanks IB, just tried the online and it wouldn’t quote. Whether it’s the high values or grade 2 listed, I don’t know but I may try ringing.

Which is why I said you need to assess the risk first. If my house was destroyed by fire, my system and vinyl would be safe though :wink:. Insurance for me is only for the worst case total loss scenario because I believe that insurance is a racket and if you delve deeply enough what you may find is shocking.

Hi @MidnightRambler

Google, Anthony James Insurance Brokers.
They specialise in high value contents and houses.
I am with them, my house is not a listed building, my premium for this year is £1500.00.

We were with John Lewis but their financial services have become increasingly sh1t since they changed their partner. We have just declined to renew with them. SWMBO dealt with it but I think we’re now with M&S…

It’s nearly time for sorting ours probably start looking next week. Not looking forward to seeing how much it’s going up

We had a bad experience recently when we put in a claim for our tv, we had it listed separately as the purchase price was originally £6k.

The insurance company offered us £800 as compensation and no manner of arguing would make them change their stance, they basically priced the cheapest current 65” Sony as their guide, the top of the range Sony is currently £3k, our set was the top of the range when we purchased it, I expected to get the higher figure, how wrong was I, my point is you only find out how good your insurance company is when you actually make a claim.
If you want everything covered you need to get agreed values for any expensive items regardless of what they are and that will probably be very expensive.
They are all little red breasted birds with no fathers.:grimacing:


Another Aviva policy holder here, I had the discussion with them concerning the value of the HiFi and they confirmed that it was covered under the general contents and that there was no need to have it itemised separately.


I’m with Policy Expert. They said anything Hifi related would be considered under ‘standard contents’. Pleased with that but you never know until you make a claim.

Same here with Nationwide, no need to itemise hi-fi nor LPs or CDs. I moved from a collection insurance (LPs, CDs) with New Moon Insurance who wanted a valuation (Discogs) and notification of any individual item was “worth” more than £1,000. Their collection insurance pretty much doubled the total of house contents insurance.

You do need to be a customer of Nationwide though.

That sounds a lot. We have unlimited buildings and £1m (!) of contents, with accidental damage, legal cover and emergency assistance for the princely sum of £418 a year. The hifi, pictures etc just count as contents, and it includes £15,000 of contents away from home.

For anyone vaguely interested, do take up the legal cover. When I was hit by a car in 2016 we used the legal cover and successfully claimed off the driver’s insurance, something I’d never have managed myself. The cover cost £25 and the value to us was, well, considerably more.


I’m in grade 2 building too. I’m with Direct Line, have been for a good few years. Your quote is similar to mine; however, they moved me to their Select service and the premiums increased. Largely because they reassessed rebuild costs.

I have not found a better deal so far, but I’m enquiring about Higos.

Who is that through HH.
I really need to sort mine out in the New Year and that sounds like a very good service & price.

Totally recommend this as well. Its what I do… to get best deals each year do often rely on changing insurers, and terms and conditions can greatly differ and coverage requirements can vary from year to year.
Also don’t discount excluding some items from household contents and cover those through a specialist insurer instead… it can make a significant difference.

I just moved to them, and one of the categories they had for declaration of high value items was audio equipment. So I listed mine. Not sure how much this increased the premium compared to not declaring them, but it was still a good deal compared to other quotes I had.

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Ah, sorry I forgot to mention the key facts. It’s with Aviva.


I am insured with Halifax. I phoned to itemise my valuables over £5k each and my 300 series pushed me so high that I was automatically placed into their premium insurance with a limit of £50k for itemised items (each over £5k). This meant unlimited buildings and contents and pushed my premium up to just over £500. My CD collection (300 discs?) and Blu rays (150 discs?) are each worth less than £5k and so are covered.

It is not so much theft of the HiFi as opposed to fire or similar that concerns me - or of course any accidental damage.

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Thanks Chris. When I contacted them about this they said I didn’t have to declare anything and said it would all be covered. They sent email confirmation as well. Perhaps I’d better double check!

Wow - I’m staggered by the amounts some people are paying for insurance. We’re paying £233 (up from £178 last year) for unlimited building insurance and contents, including some specified valuables. This is with Aviva. No legal, emergency, accidental breakage, away from home cover etc. Hifi covered under standard terms.

What I have found when shopping around with my broker you really need to check terms and conditions… some of the cheaper insurances can be quite restrictive in how you live in your house and limit on when you can claim, and how you secure doors and windows in summer, and having burglar alarm systems that might not be compatible with your lifestyle and pets…
It all became a bit of a bore… and this is where a broker was useful… they could a lot of the leg work for me so we could then choose the right options for us, so we are in control without wasting loads of time which is valuable to us, a worthwhile service for us for a tiny commission, and every year it’s worth the broker or you shopping around… many insurance companies rely on people automatically renewing… apparently
I also suspect from what I saw, many higher value policies are optimised more for urban dwellings more than country side dwellings and style of living … this just would not have crossed my mind until last year when changing insurers.


These so called benefits do seem to fade away as you get really old.