House Insurance and Covid

The renewal for my house insurance policy includes a new clause, effectively saying that any claim “directly or indirectly by any Pandemic or Epidemic” will be excluded".

This seems pretty wide ranging for a house rebuilding and contents policy - anyone else had such a clause in their renewal policy?

Al Capone and insurance companies are broadly similar.

Try another company.


I’m told it is an industry wide clause - it’s a good company as well (NFU) so that may well be correct.

I would definitely try a few others. That sounds so broad that it almost makes the insurance potentially pointless.



It’s probably little different to some older clauses around ‘acts of god’, terrorism, social turmoil/riots etc.

I suspect if a claim were genuine and the clause was used inappropriately that it might be deemed unreasonable by an ombudsman.

If it’s a widespread new clause, we have few options other than to be uninsured.

Others will undoubtedly have better experience, but this and linked articles may be worth reading:

There are a few things I have signed and considered that clauses might be considered unreasonable. The consumer vs business examples however seem to suggest things are stacked against us mere mortals unless I’ve misread.

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