House shaking BASS

So I just added a new amp and a new Subwoofer REL S/510 I’ve been playing around to find the best position. Of course I’ve got to play stuff with Bass! Three tracks that hit hard. The Embrace from Al Dimeola’s Kiss My Axe. Gaia, from James Taylor’s Hourglass, and Nice to Know You, from Incubus’s Morning View. Any one of these three tracks can pressurize my room. On the JT track one can here this massive bass actually move from right to left across the soundstage!


“Nice to Know You” was the track I’d choose to show off my car system. Back when I were a lad.

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That album came out in 2001. Sucks getting old.

Beats the alternative.


Joe Satriani - Searching

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I’m a big fan of sub bass - where you can feel it at least as much as hear it. It can be very easy to miss on a recording unless you know exactly where it is or your system is especially good at playing it.

Here are some to try:

  • Mike Oldfield, Songs of Distant Earth (Track 12, 0:49)
  • Leftfield, Leftism (T1, 3:20; T3, 0:46)
  • Brian Eno, Apollo (T2)
  • Kraftwerk, Minimum-Maximum (Disc 1, T1, 2:22)
  • Public Service Broadcasting, Inform, Educate, Entertain (T7, 3:30)
  • Enya, Watermark (T1 & 10)




Macklemore - Downtown

Try Tyga ‘Rack City’ its amazing for 20hz bass…

Kryptic Minds /Badman Vip (Original Mix) 12inch single

Strongest/lowest bass I ever felt was at a Radiohead concert in Sydney. I could swear my shirt was fluttering. Most sub-sonic I’ve felt at home was the beating of the Nazgul wings in a LOTR movie. I was running a 1000W 15" Velodyne sub at the the time.

I never saw him but my Son is a big bassnectar fan as you’d expect huge Bass!

Boz Scaggs - Thanks to you.

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Chris Jones - long after you’re gone.

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Flight Of The Cosmic Hippo track from the album of the same title by Bela Fleck and The Fleckstones.

Grunting, Hippo-sized bass of Cosmic proportions!

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And it’s a great tune! Couldn’t get it out if my head for weeks :slight_smile:

Perhaps you should also try the Bass And Drum Intro on Nils Lofgren‘s Live. I love it and it shakes the house.

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@Dreadatthecontrols, over to you!

Try Inspection (Check One) from Leftfield’s Leftism


Just had a thought.

Sunn 0)))

Beware if you’re more…um…song-oriented.


No need to drone on about it :wink: