How about a visit Down Under without the snakes and crocodiles!

Great time for a stress free New Zealand holiday where the beer is just as cold.

Mt Cook hermitage, come and have an experience only the Gods can give.


No snakes or crocodiles, where’s the fun it that. :grin:


Probably exactly what some unprepared holiday maker said before they came home with one less child.

I can sympathise. Totally can do without every moving thing out to get me.

Bees and horses kill more people in Aus than any of the creepy crawlers. Completely over exaggerated.

Been to WA, Oz 3 x and NZ once.
We’ve camped and walked in the bush and never saw anything that made you feel you were taking your life in your hands. Plenty of Roos in WA and the odd lizard but the spiders everyone talks about were nowhere to be seen. NZ is such n amazing country. Unfortunately we didn’t get to actually see Mt Cook as the weather was so bad that day and we had to move on to keep to our itinerary. Highlight of the trip to NZ was Milford Sound. So lucky to get a blue sky hot day.


Had the same blue sky day at Milford Sound way back in 2009 - felt so lucky having read all the stories that said it always rained, really enjoyed South Island for its endless photographic interest

Mitre peak the worlds tallest peak rising out of a water body. Think it’s a mile high.
I was coach tour driver for many years in a past life, kinda like my back yard so to speak.
Milford sound an amazing bit of country side. Even 300 plus visits still blows me away. Truly humbling.

@Pete_the_painter many things can make an end of you in Aus, you would be unlucky to find it but if you’re looking it can be found😂 , Sandflies and lost in the bush over here. Funnily enough, it’s only the females that will bite!!

We did have a couple of close encounters with Emus following us.
The notorious Huntsman spider kills more people who crash their car after they pull down their sun visor and one falls on their lap.
So many wonderful places in NZ. Arthur’s Pass, Coromandel, Bay of Islands, the crossing from Picton to North Island.

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I’m in Christchurch, Arthur’s Pass in a great no fantastic Motor bike return day trip, weather depending.

You certainly have the cliché covered. :grin:

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