How can I know should I have a service for a 555PS?

I bought directly a secondhand one (Serial number: 23xxxx), so I don’t have any A/B comparison with a new 555PS. Is there any sign can tell it should be serviced regardless of 10-year recommondation?


Performance will start to be a bit off. Age is the best guide otherwise.

…and then you have to ask yourself if a DR upgrade is worthwhile, as you will want to do this at the same time if you like what it does. That may depend on what box it is powering.

But actually I don’t know how to evaluate if the performance is off compare to the new ones…

Based on the serial number standard practice would suggest that a service is due. However…without knowing the usage of the unit over it’s lifetime that might not be totally true. The other way of looking at it is; you paid a certain amount for it and presumably had some expectation (hope) of what it would bring to the table in terms of an uplift in performance. Has it done that? If it has then you can hold off in the knowledge that you are happy with the sound from your system. The fact that it might be even better with a service is irrelevant. You could say the same thing about another upgrade. IMHO of course.

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Then, as I say, age is usually the best determinant.

For the 555PS it’s 15 years. Ish.

Try taking the PS off the source and see if the sound improves. That’s how I found out my XPS needed a service. The bare CDX2 actually sounded better without it.

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Any ideas?

Apart bringing your 555ps and comparing it to a new one at dealer place, I see no way to know. Just the decreased performance you could have noticed.
Generally, if you are listening everyday to your music, 10 years is time for a service.
I have the same wondering with my preamp. I didn’t noticed a decrease but it will be soon 10 years. So I will do it in a few months, to be assured having optimal performance from it.

If it’s 15 years old - the recommended service interval for 500 series components - then get it serviced. Ideally you should have it DRed as well, which is a big step up.

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