How can I start LP system

I’m with nait2 for months and very satisfied with it.

My main source is streaming. (pc > roon > bluesound node3 > nait2)
Someday I wish I could start LP.
How can I start?

My nait2 is late olive type (does not support phono).
I think I should prepare [external phono + turn table]
Am I right? and if it is, what is the best pair?

(I usually listen jazz and classical music and sometimes old pop.)
(My speaker is harbeth P3ESR and celestian SL6SI)

What’s the budget blisspoint?

Yes, you need a phono pre-amp if the Nait 2 is the CD version.

Do you need 45rpm to play singles?

Are you limited on space / happy to have a separate box for the PSU as well?

Does it need to be plug and play or are you prepared to get it serviced every 5-7 years?

Do you want a swappable stylus so that you don’t need to replace the cartridge each time it wears out?

Can it go on a dedicated wallshelf or table?

If you don’t know then just buy a Rega P3/Exact and Rega Fono MM :smiley:

Do you have any LPs? If not why do you want to buy a turntable?

Cos then there will be a reason to buy some LPs :smiley:


Oh there are plenty of happy question list

  1. Budget is $2,000 (phono+turntable)
  2. No I don’t play singles
  3. Ok to have PSU
  4. I don’t have any preference yet about plug and play and need for regular services
  5. I don’t have any preference yet
  6. robust table

Thank you for your generous considerations


  1. I want to experience analogue source.
    Life is short and I want to savor all interesting things.
  2. I think I could be more focused with LP listening than streaming

For pre-1990 music, as a general rule of thumb, I recommend you buy near mint from discogs instead of buying modern reissues. Original releases are always more engaging in my experience. Unless of course they are mega bucks then no choice but to buy new. Enjoy!!

I heard about it
I thought It’s very interesting that modern reissue is less engaging
Maybe Old LP factory has more sincere heart than thesedays

You can read the thread « budget vinyl « , still running. It’s relatively the same wish as the one from @Pete_the_painter .

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If you want brand new, then Rega P3/Exakt + Neo PSU + Fono MM should be somewhere between $1,500 and $2,000 so worth an audition. Personally, I’d save up for a second hand Majik LP12 provided there’s a reputable Linn dealer within range, which could be tricky in many parts of the US.

Ok - I hope you enjoy the experience! Look out for recent jazz reissues - like Blue Note - which are all analogue and sound excellent. In the U.K., there are many second hand classical LPs that are in mint condition and not at all expensive, but I don’t know if the situation is the same in the US.

I don’t really know. For analogue recordings, the master tapes will have aged another 30+ years so perhaps they’re just not getting as much music from them. Plus, sometimes they are cheapskates and instead of going back to the original tapes, they just use a digital copy that was made for CD/streaming.

There is a very similar thread about budget turntables from someone with a similar budget .

He does have some LPs to start with , my advice is for a Technic SL1500 , your Harbeths are ultra revealing , anything too cheap will be shown up ruthlessly

This is the one:

Technics SL1500/1200

Thank you for your advice!
Very helpful!

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Majik LP12 is just in to my new dreamy wish list

Actually I’m in South Korea
There are several cool things but it’s quite much expensive than UK or US

Oh I know, It’s kinda booby trap!

Harbeths is like young-posh-sensitive woman
I will check SL1500